Our Second Caption Contest

Thank you again to everyone who entered our second photo caption contest! You probably noticed this one seemed a bit different from the first. Maybe you wondered why not all the captions seemed to match the photo you were seeing.

About half of you saw this photo:

Image 6-4-17 at 12.06 PM

This photo of wakesurfing reminds us of how Marty McFly hitched rides to school in the classic movie Back to the Future.


Unlike Marty, wakesurfers don't hang onto the back of a vehicle; they use a tow rope to get going. A wakesurf rope is thicker than a wakeboarding rope and has a smaller handle or knots to hold on to. A powerboat with a ballast system can generate the kind of wake that's exciting to surf. If you're a total novice, talk to an experienced wakesurfer for pointers and safety tips before you jump in.

The other half of you saw this photo:

funny_boat_picture_1017 It's amazing how some folks can make treasures out of trash. This fellow seems to have built his boat out of tires, coolers, bicycle parts, and ratchet straps. The flames on the oars are a nice touch, as are the flowers on the tires. Best of all, he's wearing a life jacket! Try as we might, we haven't been able to find out anything more about this gentleman and his unique watercraft; it has a numbered card on it, so it looks like it was part of a contest or parade. If anyone out there knows more, please email us.

We are still new at this whole contest thing, but we were happy to have found two cool and funny photos to share with you all. We loved reading the captions, too. Some "honorable mentions" for the tire boat:

"With his supply of beanie weanies completely exhausted, Bruce decides to try to work things out with his wife." "I think the carb is flooded." "...still better than a good day at work!"

Some favorite captions for the wakesurfer:

"Hurry up, guys, I'm about to pass you!" "The air is sweeter up here." "Fun in the sun with Great Lakes Skipper."

Thank you again to everyone who participated. We hope the winners will enjoy shopping with their gift cards - and that those of you who didn't win this time will come back for next time!

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