Great Fishing Gifts

Got your shopping done yet? Yeah, neither have we. If you're stumped about what to give your favorite fisherman (or woman!), the Skipper has a few suggestions.

Boxes like this one are great for holding more than fishhooks. With its movable partitions, this box by Plano can have as few as four to as many as 24 compartments.

planobox Plano Tackle Systems adjustable tackle box, GLS #7102121

Use this box to organize and store buttons, beads, screws, nails, clips, stamps, keys, or anything small and easily mixed-up or lost. Build a first-aid or sewing kit with one, or use two or three to help organize your "junk drawer." We've seen this type of box for sale in big craft supply stores for double our price – and without the nice flip-up latches to keep the box securely closed.

Lund lovers: show your Lund pride with a branded tackle box. This box latches tightly and has a waterproof gasket.

lund box Plano Tackle Systems/Lund Boats box, GLS #8302916

A multi-drawer tackle center can be installed on your boat or used as a freestanding tackle or toolbox. Innovative Product Solutions' tackle center has a gasket to seal out water, a twist-and-lift handle, and four inner boxes with compartments ready to receive your flies, lures, hooks, or other fishing goods and tools. Made of resin with stainless steel hinges and designed to shed water, this tackle box would be a wonderful addition to any fishing boat.

ips Innovative Product Solutions/Jim Black 13" x 17" tackle center, GLS #1032184

Fish finders put the odds in your favor by, well, helping you find the fish. They show the fishes' position relative to the finder's transducer as well as their depth in the water.

fish finder Humminbird XP2000 Fish Finder, GLS #1002415

Some fish finders are sophisticated enough to show water temperatures at different depths, which is good information to have for advanced anglers. Fish finders and depth finders are rated for different depths, so a lake angler will need a different model than a deep-sea fisherman. More complex still are sonar-GPS chartplotter combination units, like this one by Humminbird.

Humminbird ONIX 10 CI NT SI boat Sonar/GPS Combo, GLS #1069271 Humminbird ONIX 10 CI NT SI boat Sonar/GPS Combo, GLS #1069271

Great Lakes Skipper has hundreds of fishing pole holders, organizers, and racks. Long tube-style fishing rod organizers are built to hold several poles (or only one), and tournament racks also accommodate two, three, or more rods. For a flashy touch, choose these LED fishing pole holders.

444ee2301806f3f88de33d26a32b43ab Sea Sense Boat Rod Holders, GLS #1063177

Their wires resist UV light, moisture, and crushing, and their eye-catching looks can’t be beat.

A life jacket always makes a great gift for any boater. We are proud to carry life vests for every member of the family, from babies to big guys. We even have life jackets for your pets – perfect for your four-footed first mate.

Paws Aboard dog life jacket for dogs 50-90 lbs, GLS #1063454 Paws Aboard dog life jacket for dogs 50-90 lbs, GLS #1063454

Speaking of jackets, check out our hooded sweatshirts. They are cozy, soft, and have a kangaroo pocket to warm hands.

Sweatshirts, Pelican Gray (GLS #1069858, 1069859, 1069860) & Vintage Gray (GLS #1069862, 1069863) Appliqué sweatshirts, Pelican Gray (GLS #1069858, 1069859, 1069860) & Vintage Gray (GLS #1069862, 1069863), sizes L-2XL

Available in two styles and three colors, our pullover hoodies are made from thick, cotton-polyester fleece and feature embroidered and appliquéd graphics.

Black logo sweatshirt, GLS #1068947 & 1068949 Black logo sweatshirt, GLS #1068947 & 1068949, sizes L & 2XL

Choose our 50/50 poly-cotton blend black T-shirts for warmer days on the water, or layer them under a sweatshirt to ward off the chill.

Great Lakes Skipper T-shirts, sizes S-2XL Great Lakes Skipper T-shirts, sizes S-2XL

For your hardest-to-shop-for fishing friends, call Customer Service at 262-898-1855 and ask about purchasing a store credit. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest sales and giveaways - we announce coupons and contests on social media first!

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