Why Use A Jack Plate?

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What the heck is a jack plate, anyway? It's a movable plate that mounts to the transom and lets you raise and lower your boat's outboard motor. Here are a couple of reasons you might want to be able to do that.

Shallow water. However shallow your boat's draft, the propeller reaches deeper into the water. Installing a jack plate gives you an easy way to raise your prop in shallow water or when you encounter an obstacle like a sunken log.

Speed. Some experts say you can gain 2-7 mph by using a jack plate because, when you use it to raise the engine, there's less of the lower unit in the water and therefore less drag.; less drag means more efficiency. Raising the jack plate at take-off also brings the boat on plane more quickly, which is another good thing if you're in shallow water.


jackplatehyd Sierra SeaStar Detwiler D3000 Series hydraulic jack plate kit

Manual or hydraulic. Hydraulic jack plates can be adjusted easily, at any time, even while the boat is moving, with the flip of a switch. Raising and lowering the height of a manual jack plate has to wait until the boat is still, and usually requires adjustment of a screw or nut to move the mount; the Detwiler pictured below includes a special wrench for this purpose.

Detwiler D2000 EZ-Adjust manual jack plate Sierra SeaStar Detwiler D2000 EZ-Adjust manual jack plate


People who fish in shallow rivers or reservoirs, like Ryan from Wired2Fish, will especially find a jack plate useful.


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