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  1. Like Your Life Depends On It: PFD Maintenance

    Like Your Life Depends On It: PFD Maintenance

    Like anything people wear, life jackets can get dirty and even wear out. While personal flotation devices (PFDs) are easy to clean and maintain, there might be a few details you haven't thought about before. Read on for how to clean, dry, and store this important boat equipment, and what to do when mildew strikes.

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  2. Be Wise About Weeds

    Be Wise About Weeds

    Native water plants feed wildlife like ducks and geese, and give fish places to hide. Blooming aquatics like lilies and lotus brighten lakes and rivers with their beauty. What about when your propeller gets fouled with yards of tough water weeds, or would-be swimmers getting creeped out when they peer down from the dock to see lots of vegetation under the water? Annoying, invasive, or dangerous, water weeds can be controlled.

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