• The Burning Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait

    What's the scariest thing you've ever seen while boating? We're not talking about close encounters with sharks, though those are pretty scary. We want to know your creepy, weird, spooky sea stories.

    Last year, we scared ourselves silly with the tale of Mary Celeste, the most famous ghost ship of all time. This year, we turn from the warm waters of the Sargasso Sea to the windswept Maritime Provinces for a legend as chilling as the Bay of Fundy.

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  • Customer Spotlight: Jeff's Triton

    We love our customers! We especially love seeing our customers' boats and seeing how they use the parts they've gotten from us. Jeff in Virginia sent us these snapshots of his beautiful Triton boat.

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  • Father's Day: Remembering Dad

    Happy Father's Day, dads! We're celebrating with cookouts, steak dinners, and boat rides, as well as remembering our fathers who have passed away. This is a story from our own Gene W. about a fearless backwoods boy his father knew in the Army, and the happiness Gene feels when he remembers how much his father loved to tell this story.

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  • Bonding on the Boat

    Spring is just 48 days away! We can't wait until it's warm enough to get the boat back in the water, and we're already thinking of ways to spend our boating time with our families. From maintenance chores to the thrill of wakeboarding, boat ownership offers lots of opportunities for kids of all ages to participate in the boating life.

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  • Great Fishing Gifts

    Got your shopping done yet? Yeah, neither have we. If you're stumped about what to give your favorite fisherman (or woman!), the Skipper has a few suggestions.

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  • Pick a Propeller - Properly

    Busted prop? Hey, it happens. As annoying as it is, it's not the end of the world - it doesn't even need to be the end of your boat trip.

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  • Happy Father's Day!

    Father's Day is Sunday. While we're looking forward to new adventures with Dad, we thought we'd take a look back and share some of our favorite moments from the past. A few of the Skipper's crew were brave enough to share stories of creative boat covers, safety pin fishhooks, and other boating and fishing memories of their fathers.

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  • The Poop on Portable Heads

    A modest pleasure boat doesn't usually have all the comforts of home. It's easy enough to add a cooler in lieu of a refrigerator to keep food, drink, and bait chilled, but if a boat isn't equipped with plumbing, installing a head can seem a daunting project. Jumping overboard to answer the call of nature isn't always practical, not to mention responsible, and little boaters' potty needs are unpredictable. Installing a portable head is an investment that will repay you with comfort and peace of mind - and no plumbing required.

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  • 6 Super Boating Apps

    You take your smartphone everywhere. It's an alarm clock, daily planner, and camera, besides being a way to communicate via voice, text, or social media. Make this handy tool even more useful by installing apps for boating and fishing. All these apps are available for iPhone and Android systems.  Continue reading

  • Fall into Late-Season Boating

    There's so much to love about autumn: the beautiful colors on the trees, the crisp air, the special blue of the November sky. There's no line at the boat launch, lots of space at the docks, and open water as far as the eye can see. It's nice to have the beach and water to oneself.

    With the end of peak boating season, marinas scale back services. You might not be able to refuel late in the day if the pumps close early, and you can't count on bait shops to stay open in the evening, either. Take enough bait, snacks, water, and supplies with you, and fill your gas tank before you depart. If you carry a spare gas can, fill it, too, and be sure to store it safely (not in the engine compartment or cabin).

    How are your lights? The days grow shorter, which means you might be getting back to the dock after dark. Replace burned-out bulbs when you find them. Cold temperatures shorten battery life, both in your boat's system and in flashlights, so carry extra batteries for your small electronics, charge your cell phone, and be sure you've got a full charge on your boat's battery.

    Temperatures fall after sunset, of course, and sunset comes early this time of year. Check the forecast and dress accordingly. Layer up! you can always shed a coat or sweater if you get too warm, but you can't add one if you don't have one on the boat. Bring along an extra sweatshirt or jacket just in case.

    Speaking of jackets, where's your life jacket? Carry a personal flotation device for everyone on board, and insist that children wear one. The Skipper recommends that every passenger wear a life jacket, but the law requires that kids under 13 wear theirs.

    A bimini top with side curtains or a camper top can help hold in warmth, whether that heat comes from a heater or just passengers' body heat. Be sure the driver can see all around while in motion, though, and keep the boat ventilated; carbon monoxide can't be smelled and can make you sick before you realize it's building up.

    Now, fill your travel cups with hot cocoa, buckle on your life jackets, and have some fall fun!