It's Labor Day Weekend!

2940378-5000927584-3c82e Here in the USA, Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September. Just as Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, Labor Day marks its end as children head back to school and the daylight hours grow shorter. Labor Day is a very busy time for boaters seeking to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from this three-day weekend. Lakes and rivers will be crowded, so it's extra-important to be extra-careful. Boat Sober. The Skipper says this all the time, but it's always good advice: if you're at the helm, steer clear of alcohol. Driving a boat while intoxicated is as dangerous (and illegal) as driving a car under the influence. Partying passengers can be distracting, too, so take care to be aware of your surroundings when things get rowdy. Wear It. Carry a life jacket for every passenger. Insist that children wear their life vests; your local laws probably require it. Know the Signs. Watch for other boats, skiers, and tubers, and observe the "rules of the road." You can't control what other boaters do, but you can keep control of your own craft - and your own behavior. Drive defensively and keep your wits about you. Use a Spotter. If you're towing a tuber or water-skier, appoint a sober passenger to keep watch on the person being towed. Have Fun! Enjoy yourselves, friends, and get back to the dock safely.