Super Seats

Super Seats

New boat upholstery is so beautiful: flawless and firm. As much as we wish it, it doesn't stay that way; the elements inevitably make their mark. When that time comes, you can look at it as a wonderful opportunity to create a custom seating configuration for your boat.

Lounge seats. We like these for their versatility. A back-to-back lounge seat converts easily to a bed that's perfect for sunbathing; just make sure to take breaks in the shade of your boat's bimini so you don't wind up with a painful sunburn.


Back-to-back lounge seats are so versatile!Back-to-back lounge seats are so versatile! New Star seat,

Casting seats. These minimalist seats give you a place to rest your, um, seat. Shaped almost like a bicycle saddle, a casting seat has a low back (or no back) and is designed to be easy to get up from when you get a bite on your line.


Triton Boats casting seat, greatlakesskipper.comTriton Boats casting seat,

They come in a range of colors, including camo. On their taller pedestals, they make the perfect perch for viewing the water - and the fish in it.

Folding seats. Also typically used for fishing boats, folding seats have backs that can be folded down when not in use. Built on rugged metal or plastic bases, these armless seats range from basic low-back models to high-back seats that look almost like captain's chairs.


Lowe Boats seat. Lowe Boats seat,


trackerTracker Boats folding seat,


Captain's seats. For the woman or man in charge, these seats tend to have the most features, like flip-up bolsters, adjustable headrests, and armrests. If you're feeling generous, install two or more so that your passengers can luxuriate in comfort, too.


Even the seat looks relaxed! Crestliner Boats seat, greatlakesskipper.comEven the seat looks relaxed! Crestliner Boats seat,

Something different. Pontoon boaters sometimes bring camping or lawn chairs aboard when they have guests. Also available are folding chairs made specially for boating. If you've got a lot of space, bring the comfort of home to your craft with luxury lounge seating.



Luxe life: Carver Yachts boat chair.Luxe life: Carver Yachts


When deciding on a boat seating configuration, keep weight and balance in mind. Even a stable pontoon boat will list if there's too many people sitting on one side. If you're installing permanent seats, make sure they're securely anchored to their pedestal or to the boat deck. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer, or email us at We're here and happy to help.