Waves of Wonder: 5 Activities for Young Boaters

School's back in session, which means (for most of us) no more long weekdays with the kids on the boat. Make the most of weekend boat rides with fun and educational activities that everyone can enjoy. The road trip guessing-game "I Spy" gains a new dimension on boat rides, where interesting things can be "spied" in the water and sky as well as on the shore. Kids can spy green fish, white birds, red buoys, and countless colored boats, and have fun guessing each other's items. Another game has no name that we know of, but it can be played anywhere, not just on the boat. Starting with the letter A, look around and see how many things you see that begin with that letter. One great thing about playing this game around the docks: you're bound to see a Zodiac inflatable watercraft to finish up the alphabet. Do you see any unusual or migrating birds? What kind of seashell is that? Keep pocket-size field guides for birds and fish in your boat's glove compartment,

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