Beede White/White

Beede Boat Gauges - White/White

Great Lakes Skipper has hundreds of Beede boat gauges in stock right now, ready to ship. These gauges feature white rims and black lettering on white faces. Choose yours now!

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  1. 7100706_champion_7e474_faria_se9638a_white_boat_speedometer_gauge.jpeg
    Champion Boat Speedometer Gauge 7E474 | Faria SE9638A 3 1/4 Inch White
    GLS Stock #: 7100706-'5E475
    $79.95 MSRP: $107.93
  2. 7101465_ranger_7e425_faria_gpc049a_white_2_inch_boat_fuel_gauge.jpeg
    Faria Boat Fuel Gauge GPC049A | Ranger 2 Inch White
    GLS Stock #: 1086423-1*R5
    $34.95 MSRP: $47.18
  3. 1063462_faria_gp924b4_white_boat_trim_gauge.jpeg
    Faria Boat Trim Gauge GP924B4 | 2 Inch White Yamaha
    GLS Stock #: 1063462-1NT2
    $34.95 MSRP: $47.18