Faria Euro Gold/Beige

Faria Euro Boat Gauges - Gold/Beige

Faria Euro series gauges all feature gold rims and perimeter-lit beige dials with bold black graphics, making them easy to read. Each gauge has a gold bezel and scratch-resistant lens. Great Lakes Skipper has these quality Faria Euro boat gauges at low prices. Find yours today.

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  1. 2000589_faria_boat_systems_check_gauge_gp4900a_johnson_evinrude_2_inch_gold.jpeg
    Faria Boat Systems Check Gauge GP4900A | Johnson Evinrude 2 Inch Gold
    GLS Stock #: 2000589-1HW3
    $34.95 MSRP: $47.18
  2. 1013603_faria_gp4900b_systems_check_gold_beige_black_boat_gauge.jpg
    Faria Boat Systems Check Gauge GP4900B | Euro Beige 2 Inch Gold
    GLS Stock #: 1013603-1GK4
    $34.95 MSRP: $47.00
  3. 1013604_faria_gp9970a_euro_mercury_volvo_yamaha_boat_trim_gauge.jpg
    Faria Boat Trim Gauge GP9970A | Euro Gold Mercury Volvo Yamaha 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1013604-1HW2
    $24.95 MSRP: $32.68
  4. 1013605_faria_euro_omc_cobra_boat_trim_gauge.jpg
    Faria Boat Trim Gauge GP4400A | Euro Gold OMC Cobra 2 Inch Beige
    GLS Stock #: 1013605-1GM2
    $24.95 MSRP: $32.68
  5. 1080085_faria_boat_blank_filler_gauge_bl9682b_euro_gold_beige_2_inch.jpeg
    Faria Boat Blank Filler Gauge BL9682B | Euro Gold Beige 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1080085-1HB3
    $14.95 MSRP: $19.58