Faria Euro Stainless Steel/White (Flat Lens)

Faria Euro Boat Gauges - Stainless Steel/White - Flat Lens

These Faria Euro series gauges all feature perimeter-lit white dials with black lettering, making them easy to read. Each gauge has a stainless steel bezel rim and a flat, protective, scratch resistant glass lens.

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  1. 1090376_faria_boat_gauge_set_euro_stainless_steel_white_mercury_5_piece.jpeg
    Faria Boat Gauge Set | Euro Stainless Steel White Mercury (5-Piece)
    GLS Stock #: 1090376-1CV3
    Special Price $195.46 MSRP: $314.99
  2. 1081723_faria_boat_tachometer_gauge_tcc032a_euro_ss_white_3_1_4_inch.jpeg
    Faria Boat Tachometer Gauge TCC032A | Euro SS White 3 1/4 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1081723-AT332
    Special Price $67.96 MSRP: $107.93
  3. 1081962_faria_boat_oil_pressure_gauge_gp2475a_euro_ss_white_2_inch.jpeg
    Faria Boat Oil Pressure Gauge GP2475A | Euro SS White 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1081962-AY273
    Special Price $33.96 MSRP: $53.93
  4. 8201183_faria_gpc625_silver_white_2_inch_marine_boat_oil_pressure_gauge_025_4408_05.jpeg
    Faria Boat Oil Pressure Gauge GPC625 | Euro SS White 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 8201183-5C464
    Special Price $29.71 MSRP: $48.99
  5. 8201278_four_winns_025_4408_07_faria_vpo605b_euro_series_marine_boat_volt_gauge.jpeg
    Faria Boat Volt Gauge VPO605B | Four Winns 025-4408-07 Euro White SS
    GLS Stock #: 8201278-5C482
    Special Price $21.21 MSRP: $33.68
  6. 1040637_faria_gp4504a_euro_series_evinrude_johnson_boat_trim_gauge.jpg
    Faria Boat Trim Gauge GP4504A | Evinrude Euro White 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1040637-XIN1886PH518
    Special Price $21.21 MSRP: $33.74
  7. 1032914_faria_boat_temperature_gauge_gpc624b_silver_white_black.jpeg
    Faria Boat Temperature Gauge GPC624B | Silver White Black
    GLS Stock #: 1032914-5D423
    Special Price $21.21 MSRP: $33.70