Teleflex Hurricane Silver / Black (Domed Lens)

Teleflex Hurricane Boat Gauges - Silver/Black - Domed Lens

The Teleflex Hurricane line boat gauges have easy-to-read white/blue graphics on a black dial. Very low profile domed bezels follow the curve of the lens to eliminate water "trapping" and feature white pointer needles.

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  1. 1034782_teleflex_boat_trim_gauge_62112_honda_hurricane_series_2_inch.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Trim Gauge 62112 | Honda Hurricane Series 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1034782-1MF3
    $24.95 MSRP: $33.68
  2. 32971_1_lg.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Trim Gauge 61256 | Evinrude Johnson / Suzuki Hurricane
    GLS Stock #: 1034776-1JK3
    $24.95 MSRP: $32.68