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Take a look at Great Lakes Skipper’s gigantic inventory to meet your needs for boat air conditioner parts and hardware, including air conditioner controls, boat AC lines, marine air conditioner cables, triplex cables, air conditioner junction boxes, boat AC duct kits, evaporators, vacuum forms, boat air conditioner blowers and fans, seawater pumps and filters, hull harness assemblies, marine air conditioner vent kits, air conditioner hoses and hose adapters and connectors. We carry new and replacement parts from Dometic, Larson Boats, Cruisair, Bayliner, Sea Ray, Attwood, Baja Marine, Aqua-Air, Carver, Kohler, Mercury Marine, Perko, Oceanair, Tracker, Sea Fox, Triton, Humminbird, and Wellcraft, all at discount prices. To save big on boat air conditioners and marine air conditioner parts, contact Great Lakes Skipper and let us know how we can help.

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  1. 1044540_vac_u_flex_boat_bilge_vac_duct_0317_0200_0107_2_id_gray_ft.jpeg

    Vac-U-Flex Boat Bilge Vac Duct 0317-0200-0107 | 2" ID Gray (FT)

    GLS Stock #: 1044540-2JE3


    Boat part number 1044540 is a NEW, off the roll, increment of 2" ID gray Vac-U-Flex flexible ducting, part number 0317-0200-0107 .

  2. 1064651_tiara_yachts_3280010_black_3_inch_pvc_marine_boat_heavy_duty_duct_hose_foot_420_3000.jpeg

    Shields Boat Vent Hose 420-3000 | 3 Inch Extra Heavy Duty (FT)

    GLS Stock #: 1064651-5J873


    Boat part number 1064651 is a NEW, off the roll, increment of 3” ID extra heavy duty flexible vent hose.

  3. 30330_1_lg_1.jpg

    Ocean Yachts MSI HR-3 Black 3 Inch Boat Round Hose Ring

    GLS Stock #: 1035590-5D483


    GLS stock number 1035590 is a new out of the box, MSI HR-3 3 inch round hose ring from Ocean Yachts.

  4. 8700129_carver_marquis_yachts_7514800_flexaust_r_7_8821100000_black_10_inch_semi_rigid_pvc_boat_duct.jpeg

    Carver Marquis Yachts 7514800 Flexaust R-7 8821100000 Black 10 Inch Semi Rigid PVC Boat Duct (FT)

    GLS Stock #: 8700129-4WBQ2


    GLS stock number 8700129 is a new, off the roll, increment of Flexaust R-7 black PVC semi rigid boat ducting from Carver Marquis Yachts, part number 7514800

    Medium weight reinforced PVC hose.

  5. 5688_1_lg.jpg

    Carver Yachts 6 Foot Air Conditioner Boat Hose Kit

    GLS Stock #: 1008454-1MJ1


    We are seling a 6 foot long air conditioner hose kit for a wal-vac vaccuum

  6. decb0ddb19f13bc53042154d3e55b27c_1.jpg

    Hart Cooley F214 6 In x 7 Ft 4000 FPM Insulated Boat Air Duct Hose

    GLS Stock #: 1031143-5B497


    Boat part number 1031143 is a new insulated air duct hose from HartandCooley.

  7. 05d39b46f26f487eaf77ede4b82d05f3_1.jpg

    Hart Cooley F214 5 In x 11 Ft 4000 FPM Insulated Boat Air Duct Hose

    GLS Stock #: 1031144-5B516


    GLS stock number 1031144 is a new out of box, insulated 7 Ft air duct hose from HartandCooley.

  8. 31420_1_lg.jpg

    Hart Cooley F214 6 In x 16 Ft 4000 FPM Insulated Boat Air Duct Hose

    GLS Stock #: 1030495-5A564


    GLS stock number 1030495 is a new out of box, insulated 16 Ft air duct hose from HartandCooley.

  9. 8501676_sea_ray_spears_2137771_gray_pvc_7sm_1_inch_fpt_x_1_2_hb_boat_vacuum_form_manifold_220300208.jpeg

    Spears Boat AC Compressor Manifold 220300208 | Sea Ray 1 FPT x 1/2 HB

    GLS Stock #: 8501676-5N364


    GLS stock number 8501676 is a new, out of the box, boat 7-port manifold from Spears, part number 220300208.

  10. a4ff04fd6c3e9ff3be906b0649547df7_1.jpg

    Larson Dometic 319002025 Sealand Maxflex Vacuum Precut White Boat Hose Kit

    GLS Stock #: 1042357-5J474


    GLS stock number 1042357 is a new out of box, kit of Maxflex hoses from Dometic, mfg # 319002025.

  11. 8701241_marquis_boat_insulated_duct_hose_7514521_2_inch_thermal_25_ft.jpeg

    Marquis Boat Insulated Duct Hose 7514521 | 2 Inch Thermal (25 FT)

    GLS Stock #: 8701241-5J586


    Boat part number 8701241 is a new 25 ft section of insulated duct hose for a Carver / Marquis Yacht, part number 7514521 .

  12. 1049088_1.jpg

    Custom Mid-Tec Black 2 Inch x 50 Ft. Non Insulated Marine Boat AC Air Conditioning Duct Hose

    GLS Stock #: 1049088-5E611


    GLS stock number 1049088 is a new, out of the box, boat AC duct hose.

  13. 1060907_marvair_cwaf12l020_chilled_water_12000_btu_50_60_hz_boat_ac_air_handler_conditioner.jpeg

    Marvair CWAF12L020 Chilled Water 12000 BTU 50 / 60 HZ Boat AC Air Handler Conditioner

    GLS Stock #: 1060907-5J701


    GLS stock number 1060907 is a new, in the box, boat AC Air conditioner handler from Marvair, part number CWAF12L020.

13 Item(s) in this category

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