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Shopping for discount and replacement parts for your boat refrigerator, ice maker, or cooler? Great Lakes Skipper carries marine refrigerator fittings, chiller plates, mounting kits, cooler hatch lids, copper liquid lines, refrigerator suction lines, cooler frames and tie-downs, as well as complete boat refrigerators and coolers. We offer parts and appliances from Dometic, Bayliner, Jet Technologies, Igloo, Four Winns, Tracker, Norcold, PowerQuest, Sub Zero, Ocean Yachts, Larson Boats, Mako, Flojet, and Indel Marine. Whether your boat fridge runs on gas, 12 volt DC, or 120 or 220 volt AC, check out our low prices and see how Great Lakes Skipper can help you keep your cold stuff perfectly chilled.

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  1. 1058989_pelick_boat_refrigerator_hp24ro_5_115_volt_23_7_8_x_34_7_8_inch.jpg
    Pelick Boat Refrigerator HP24RO-5 | 115 Volt 23 7/8 x 34 7/8 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1058989-5D581
    Special Price $2,546.25 MSRP: $4,583.25
  2. 1090454_dometic_boat_refrigerator_freezer_crx1110e_38_cu_ft_12_24v_silver.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Refrigerator Freezer CRX1110E | 3.8 CU FT 12/24V Silver
    GLS Stock #: 1090454-GJ918
    $1,295.00 MSRP: $1,500.00
  3. 1093533_isotherm_boat_refrigerator_3049ba7c00000_dr49_175_cu_ft_stainless.jpeg
    Isotherm Boat Refrigerator 3049BA7C00000 | DR49 1.75 Cu Ft Stainless
    GLS Stock #: 1093533-GA660
    $1,294.00 MSRP: $1,747.00
  4. 8700472_true_refrigeration_boat_refrigerator_tuc_27_carver_yachts_7_cu_ft.jpeg
    True Refrigeration Boat Refrigerator TUC-27 | Carver Yachts 7 Cu Ft
    GLS Stock #: 8700472-GC845
    $1,229.95 MSRP: $1,660.43
  5. 1090456_dometic_boat_refrigerator_freezer_crx1050_17_cu_ft_12_24v_silver.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Refrigerator Freezer CRX1050 | 1.7 CU FT 12/24V Silver
    GLS Stock #: 1090456-5G628
    $949.95 MSRP: $1,105.00
  6. 1090453_dometic_boat_refrigerator_freezer_crx1065u_23_cu_ft_12_24v_black.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Refrigerator Freezer CRX1065U | 2.3 CU FT 12/24V Black
    GLS Stock #: 1090453-5B555
    $899.95 MSRP: $1,220.00
  7. 1082293_norcold_boat_refrigerator_freezer_dc558_55_cu_ft_w_o_front_bent.jpeg
    Norcold Boat Refrigerator Freezer DC558 | 5.5 CU FT (w/o Front) (Bent)
    GLS Stock #: 1082293-GH888
    $899.95 MSRP: $1,429.00
  8. 1076403_dometic_boat_fishbox_coil_9108912603_c1_rev1_r134a_copper_wrap.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Fishbox Coil 9108912603 | C1 Rev1 R134A Copper Wrap
    GLS Stock #: 1076403-4S085
    $799.95 MSRP: $998.28
  9. 1067451_marvel_boat_beverage_center_refrigerator_61_bc_115v_60hz_white_61_bc_r_w_wrpe_fd.jpeg
    Marvel Boat Beverage Center Refrigerator 61 BC | 115V 60Hz 61 BC-R-W-WRPE-FD
    GLS Stock #: 1067451-GC428
    $799.95 MSRP: $1,079.93
  10. 1081371_norcold_boat_refrigerator_freezer_nr751bb_27_cu_ft_12_24v_120_240v.jpeg
    Norcold Boat Refrigerator Freezer NR751BB | 2.7 CU FT 12/24V 120/240V
    GLS Stock #: 1081371-5P880
    $749.00 MSRP: $889.24