Boat Faucets, Pumps and Knobs

Looking for faucets for your boat, RV, or tiny house? We've got them! Great Lakes Skipper has a great selection of discount boat bath and kitchen faucets and marine faucet assemblies. We've got single lever faucets, electric boat faucets, boat head and lavatory faucets, marine boat bath faucets, boat shower systems, double handle mixer boat faucets, and boat faucet boxes by ITC, Heater Craft, Shurflo, Four Winns, Sea Ray, Kolego, Mariner, Kingston Brass, and more. Check out our discount boat faucets and shower faucets and let us know how we can help.

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  1. 8700863_danze_boat_faucet_kit_d201544_carver_yachts_6203744_sirius_series.jpeg
    Danze Boat Faucet Kit D201544 | Carver Yachts 6203744 Sirius Series
    GLS Stock #: 8700863-5A494
    $335.95 MSRP: $558.00
  2. 1067963_doral_boat_eurorama_e_1952t_cb_silver_stainless_steel_marine_boat_kitchen_faucet_kit.jpeg
    Eurorama Boat Kitchen Faucet 1952TCB | Rubi Stainless (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1067963-5H295
    $299.95 MSRP: $404.93
  3. 8701153_ivor_boat_sink_faucet_jt00917op11_mirrored_brass.jpeg
    IVOR Boat Sink Faucet JT009170P11 | Mirrored Brass
    GLS Stock #: 8701153-5J492
    $249.95 MSRP: $337.43
  4. 1054382_carver_marquis_yachts_ivor_ft00917op11_mirrord_brass_boat_raised_basin_mixer_sink_faucet.jpg
    IVOR Boat Sink Faucet FT00917OP11 | Mirrored Brass
    GLS Stock #: 1054382-'5E713
    $249.95 MSRP: $337.43
  5. 8700169_carver_yachts_6203736_goldiden_boat_faucet_assembly_jt008231p11.jpg
    Carver Yachts 6203736 Goldiden Boat Faucet Assembly JT008231P11
    GLS Stock #: 8700169-5H472
    $229.95 MSRP: $350.00
  6. 8401992_scandvik_boat_raised_sink_faucet_70108_mastercraft_300_nordic_chrome.jpeg
    Scandvik Boat Raised Sink Faucet 70108 | MasterCraft 300 Nordic Chrome
    GLS Stock #: 8401992-5K883
    $199.95 MSRP: $269.93
  7. 8701213_danze_boat_faucet_drain_kit_d226058_carver_parma_chrome.jpeg
    Danze Boat Lavatory Faucet Kit D226058 | Parma Single Handle Chrome
    GLS Stock #: 8701213-1CQ2
    $179.95 MSRP: $229.99
  8. 1078521_rinker_boat_head_faucet_kit_97800r2_silver_1_1_4_x_5_x_4_1_8_inch.jpeg
    Rinker Boat Head Faucet Kit 97800R2 | Silver 1 1/4 x 5 x 4 1/8 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1078521-5J332
    $179.95 MSRP: $224.94
  9. 1078048_rinker_boat_kitchen_faucet_combo_98555n_c_w_pullout_hand_sprayer_kit.jpeg
    Rinker Boat Kitchen Faucet Combo 98555NI/CP | Pullout Hand Sprayer Kit
    GLS Stock #: 1078048-5G327
    $179.95 MSRP: $242.93
  10. 8601541_mariner_boat_lavatory_faucet_kit_6250_010_larson_boats_polished.jpeg
    Mariner Boat Lavatory Faucet Kit 6250-010 | Larson Boats Polished
    GLS Stock #: 8601541-5G503
    $179.95 MSRP: $242.93