Breaker Sets

Boat Breaker Sets

Do you need a new set of breakers for your boat's electrical system? Check out Great Lakes Skipper's closeout prices on boat breaker switch sets by Buss, Carling, Larson, and other quality manufacturers. We bring in thousands of boat parts every month, so check back often for more amazing discount deals. Please have all wiring work checked by a licensed electrician.

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  1. 1050132_carling_22_piece_black_boat_rocker_switch_breaker_set_w_ignition.jpg
    Carling 22 Piece Black Boat Rocker Switch / Breaker Set w/ Ignition
    GLS Stock #: 1050132-1GG2
    $189.95 MSRP: $256.43
  2. 1059119_carling_technologies_and_buss_26_piece_boat_toggle_breaker_recepticle_and_horn_kit.jpg
    Carling / Buss Boat Switch Kit | Toggle / Breaker / Horn (26 Piece)
    GLS Stock #: 1059119-1KV2
    $169.95 MSRP: $229.43
  3. 1058075_carling_technologies_24_pc_switch_and_breaker_set.jpg
    Carling Technologies 24 PC Switch and Breaker Set
    GLS Stock #: 1058075-1GV3
    $159.95 MSRP: $215.93
  4. 1056769_carling_boat_rocker_switch_20_piece_lighted_kit.jpg
    Carling Boat Rocker Switch | 20 Piece Lighted (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1056769-1JA2
    $149.95 MSRP: $202.43
  5. 1050278_carling_boat_switch_and_breaker_set_14_piece_w_12_volt_power_outlet.jpg
    Carling Boat Switch And Breaker Set | 14 Piece W/ 12 Volt Power Outlet
    GLS Stock #: 1050278-1KC2
    $149.95 MSRP: $202.43
  6. 1062835_carling_15_piece_boat_rocker_switch_set_w_mechanical_products_inc_breakers.jpeg
    Carling 15 Piece Boat Rocker Switch Set | Mechanical Products Breakers
    GLS Stock #: 1062835-5B314
    $139.95 MSRP: $188.93