Teleflex SeaStar Big T and Safe-T Rotary

Teleflex SeaStar Big T and Safe-T Rotary Steering Cables

Find new Teleflex SeaStar Big T/Safe-T rotary boat steering cables and save a ton off retail at Great Lakes Skipper. Available in a wide range of lengths from 25 to 56 feet and up, these Teleflex SeaStar Big T and Safe-T rotary steering cables are first-quality parts at deep discount prices. Save today!

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  1. 1036576_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc7225_safe_t_rotary_old_style_25_ft.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC7225 | Safe T Rotary Old Style 25 FT
    GLS Stock #: 1036576-5G292
    $149.99 MSRP: $202.49
  2. 1017103_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc7223_safe_t_rotary_23_ft.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC7223 | Safe-T Rotary 23 FT
    GLS Stock #: 1017103-XIN1327
    $149.95 MSRP: $202.43
  3. 1017101_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc7221_safe_t_rotary_old_style_21_ft.jpeg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC7221 | Safe-T Rotary Old Style 21 FT
    GLS Stock #: 1017101-GC488
    $149.95 MSRP: $202.43
  4. 1067444_teleflex_boat_hpqc_rotary_steering_cable_ssc6317_safe_t_17_foot.jpg
    Teleflex Boat HPQC Rotary Steering Cable SSC6317 | Safe-T 17 Foot
    GLS Stock #: 1067444-5E751
    $139.95 MSRP: $188.93
  5. 1017119_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc7208_safe_t_rotary_8_ft.jpeg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC7208 | Safe-T Rotary 8 FT
    GLS Stock #: 1017119-5E412
    $99.95 MSRP: $134.93
  6. 1017124_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc7204_safe_t_rotary_old_style_4_ft.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC7204 | Safe-T Rotary Old Style 4 FT
    GLS Stock #: 1017124-GG825
    $79.95 MSRP: $107.93