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Great Lakes Skipper distributes premium quality boat seats. We carry a large inventory of boat seats that includes fishing seats, pontoon boat seats, helm chairs, captain chairs to folding fishing boat seats, bucket seats, swing back seats, swivel boat seats and more. Whatever your boat seating need, we have hundreds to choose from. Are you looking for the right vinyl or upholstery to complete your custom boat seat covers? Look no further than Great Lakes Skipper. We carry miles and miles of boat upholstery and marine vinyl to give you the hottest boat seat on the high seas! And don't forget that we carry all the boat seat accessories you will need. So whether you need the boat seat, the fishing seat covers or the seat pedestal hardware, look no further that Great Lakes Skipper for the largest online selection from the best marine manufacturers in the business. Just a friendly reminder . . . we are importing thousands of marine products every month.

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  1. 1075937_stidd_boat_ergonomic_helm_seat_5490116_500_luxury_admiral_fudge_brown.jpeg
    STIDD Boat Ergonomic Helm Seat | 500 XA Luxury w/ Electric Adjustable Pedestal
    GLS Stock #: 1075937-5N577
    $5,999.00 MSRP: $7,535.00
  2. 1083388_pompanette_boat_fighting_chair_int8000tourtx_tournament_80_white_seat_2.jpeg
    Pompanette Boat Fighting Chair INT8000TOURTX | Tournament 80 White Seat
    GLS Stock #: 1083388-2MEZZ3
    $5,995.00 MSRP: $8,816.64
  3. 1077368_sea_ray_boat_ergonomic_helm_seat_2201181_240_da_stidd_500n_slimline.jpeg
    Sea Ray Boat Ergonomic Helm Seat 2201181 | 240 DA STIDD 500N Slimline
    GLS Stock #: 1077368-'5E051
    $3,399.00 MSRP: $4,240.00
  4. 1072998_scout_boat_captains_helm_seat_uh1772_uh1773_bolster_butterscotch_set_of_2.png
    Scout Boat Captains Helm Seat UH1772 | Bolster Butterscotch (Set of 2)
    GLS Stock #: 1072998-5N747
    $1,798.00 MSRP: $2,427.30
  5. 1074423_scout_boats_bolster_bench_seat_taco_metals_tan_tears.jpeg
    Scout Boats Bolster Bench Seat | Taco Metals Tan (Tears)
    GLS Stock #: 1074423-2HQ3
    $1,295.00 MSRP: $1,748.25
  6. 7200928_chaparral_boat_bolster_seat_3100086_400_premier_adjustable_pedestal.jpeg
    Chaparral Boat Bolster Seat 31.00086 | 400 Premier 14-17" Gas Pedestal
    GLS Stock #: 7200928-5A568
    $1,295.00 MSRP: $1,831.40
  7. 1071834_scout_boats_bolster_bench_seat_lgh_1473_terracotta_dark_brown_second_281065857.jpeg
    Scout Boats Double Bolster Bench Seat | Terracotta Brown w/ Armrests
    GLS Stock #: 1071834-2BT1
    $1,295.00 MSRP: $1,748.25
  8. 1072148_scout_boat_captains_helm_seat_bolster_butterscotch_brown.jpeg
    Scout Boat Captains Helm Seat | Taco Marine Bolster Butterscotch Brown
    GLS Stock #: 1072148-5F147
    $1,199.95 MSRP: $1,619.93
  9. 1072147_scout_boats_double_bolster_bench_seat_brown_w_ss_rod_holders_tears.jpeg
    Scout Boats Double Bolster Bench Seat | Brown w/ SS Rod Holders (Tears)
    GLS Stock #: 1072147-5J707
    $1,199.00 MSRP: $1,618.65
  10. 1072990_scout_boat_captains_helm_seat_taco_butterscotch_brown_bolster.jpeg
    Scout Boat Captains Helm Seat | Taco Butterscotch Brown Bolster
    GLS Stock #: 1072990-5K745
    $1,195.00 MSRP: $1,613.25
  11. 1072997_scout_boat_captains_helm_seat_uh2557_taco_bolster_tan_brown.jpg
    Scout Boat Captains Helm Seat UH2557 | Taco Bolster Tan Brown
    GLS Stock #: 1072997-5F017
    $1,195.00 MSRP: $1,613.25
  12. 1072989_scout_boat_captains_helm_seat_uh1472_taco_bolster_butterscotch_brown.jpeg
    Scout Boat Captains Helm Seat UH1472 | Taco Bolster Butterscotch Brown
    GLS Stock #: 1072989-5J427
    $1,195.00 MSRP: $1,613.25