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Great Lakes Skipper is proud to offer Carling line of marine switches.

With over 90 years of design and manufacturing experience, Carling Technologies is the market leader in marine application switches, circuit breakers and ELCIs. From small boats to luxury yachts, OEM engineers trust our products.

Carling marine switches are widely used and the most recognizable switch brand in the industry. Their circuit breakers and switches are guaranteed to perform under extreme marine environments while keeping boats and boaters safe from electrical currents.

At Great Lakes Skipper you'll find a large selection of Carling switches that are sure to meet the most stringent boaters requirements.

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Carling Technologies

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  1. 8700078_carver_marquis_oem_6904001_carling_6919_black_3_4_x_1_2_inch_plastic_boat_mini_rocker_swi.jpeg
    Carling Boat Mini Rocker Switch 6919 | ON / OFF 8A 125VAC / 4A 250VAC
    GLS Stock #: 8700078-5N546
    $1.95 MSRP: $2.63
  2. 1035088_carling_contura_black_plastic_single_switch_boat_module.jpg
    Carling Contura Black Plastic Single Switch Boat Module
    GLS Stock #: 1035088-5F427
    $2.49 MSRP: $3.36
  3. 1080070_carling_boat_circuit_breaker_5a_push_to_reset_125_250v.png
    Carling Boat Circuit Breaker | 5A Push To Reset 125-250V
    GLS Stock #: 1080070-1KA3
    $3.95 MSRP: $6.68
  4. 1026353_carling_5_amp_cmb_push_to_reset_boat_breaker.jpg
    Carling 5 Amp CMB Push To Reset Boat Breaker
    GLS Stock #: 1026353-1CJ2
    $3.95 MSRP: $5.33
  5. 1070647_carling_boat_circuit_breaker_switch_push_button_40a_3.jpeg
    Carling Boat Circuit Breaker Switch | Push Button 40A
    GLS Stock #: 1070647-1EV2
    $4.95 MSRP: $6.68
  6. 1078019_carling_boat_circuit_breaker_thermal_push_to_reset_button_8a_black.jpeg
    Carling Boat Thermal Circuit Breaker | Push To Reset 8A White
    GLS Stock #: 1078019-5J293
    $4.95 MSRP: $6.19
  7. 8601063_carling_boat_circuit_breaker_043_3710a_larson_10_amp_212_710a.jpeg
    Carling Boat Circuit Breaker CMB-103-27G3N-B-A | 10A Larson 212-710A
    GLS Stock #: 8601063-5G392
    $4.95 MSRP: $6.68