Enovation Boat GPS Speed Control E1885557B | Zero Off 5 Inch (Kit)

Boat part number 1077262 is a new Zero Off GPS speed control kit from Enovation Controls, part number E1885557B .
made for Gekko Boats
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Boat part number 1077262 is a new Zero Off GPS speed control kit from Enovation Controls, part number E1885557B . Commonly used on Gekko boats, part number 2314-8036 , but may be used on other boats.

This Zero Off GPS speed control kit lets you set your desired speed at the touch of a button - no more calculations and worrying over factors such as skier weight and wind speed, per manufacturer.

Features include:
  • Complete Wakeboard GPS Speed Control
  • Tournament Ready
  • Wake Board & Waypoint
  • 10 Waypoint Mapping Memory
  • Wakeboard Profile Memory
  • Waypoint Mapping Feature
This kit includes the following:
  • (1) 5" Standard Wakeboard Head Unit | P/N: E1887013A
  • (1) GPS Antenna | P/N: E2209307A
  • (1) Wire Harness | P/N: E2089000E
  • (1) GPS Puck Retrofit Harness | P/N: E2089200A
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
Wakeboard Head Unit
This oversized digital gauge features a flat lens, silver colored bezel, white metallic face, and (4) soft-touch buttons. Manufacturer calls this a 5" Dia. gauge; we measure it to be approximately 4 5/8" Dia. across the bezel x 3 1/4" D overall. It requires a cutout of approximately 4 3/8" Dia. and has (2) mounting bolts. It has (1) 23-pin male connection. Includes mounting bracket.

GPS Antenna
This GPS puck is constructed from black textured marine grade plastic with an adhesive strip on the back. It measures approximately 3 5/8" W x 2 3/8" H x 1 3/4" D overall. It has (1) 4-pin male connection.

Wire Harness
This wiring harness measures approximately 56" L in overall length. It has the following connections:
  • (1) 13-pin female
  • (3) 4-pin male
  • (1) 3-pin male
  • (1) 2-pin female
  • (1) 4-pin female
  • (1) 3-pin female
GPS Puck Retrofit Harness
This wiring harness measures approximately 736" L in overall length. It has the following connections:
  • (2) 4-pin female
  • (1) 3-pin male
  • (1) 3-pin female
  • (1) 4-pin male
Note: Per manufacturer, Zero Off control systems are only compatible with model year 2007 or newer boats which utilize an EControls drive-by-wire engine control unit. Please check with your local boat brand dealer for boat / brand / model / year cross-referencing compatibilities.

  • Boat Manufacturer: Gekko
  • Part Number: 2314-8036
  • Part Manufacturer: Enovation Controls
  • Series: Zero Off
  • Part Number: E1885557B
  • Color: Silver / White
  • Overall Dimensions: 4 5/8" Dia. x 3 1/4" D
  • Cutout Dimensions: 4 3/8" Dia.
  • Connections: (1) 23-pin male connection

Sold as seen in pictures. Customers please note every computer shows colors differently. All measurements are approximate.

Instruction / installation manual included.

Hardware not included.

Product Questions

Can you ship it to Japan?
Does this correspond to pcm ex343?
Question by: Shimpei Kawaguchi on Aug 8, 2022, 7:40 AM

Yes, we do ship to Japan frequently, but we are not dealers and cannot cross reference the control to specific ECM's or other components. All we can suggest is to contact Zero Off directly.

Answer by: Admin on Aug 8, 2022, 11:19 AM
Do you have the upgrade for zero off conversion from two pick to one pick system for Mastercraft?

Do you have pop up cleats , 6”, possibly with Mastercraft written on them?
Question by: Gregg Bradstock on Jun 8, 2022, 3:28 PM
Hi Gregg,

We aren't actually Mastercraft or Zero Off dealers, so we don't know if any of the Zero Off components we have fulfill that function. You'd pretty much need to scroll through our current options at the link below to see if you recognize them:

link: https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/search/?q=zero+off

We do have 6" Mastercraft pull-up cleats with the logo here:

Link: https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/mastercraft-boat-pull-up-cleat-554011-6-inch-stainless

We also have these unbranded 6" pop-up cleats here:

Link: https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/stainless-steel-6-inch-boat-pop-up-boat-cleat

Answer by: Admin on Jun 9, 2022, 8:59 AM
Looking for 3 events Zero Off system for correct craft 200

Question by: Verneuil on Dec 2, 2021, 10:25 AM
Good Day!

Since we are not Zero Off dealers, I'm afraid we are not able to cross reference any of their components to specific boats. About all we can suggest is to contact Zero Off directly to see what they say will work for you. Right now, everything we have for them is shown on line at the link below:

Link: https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/search/?q=zero+off

Answer by: Gene Warmuth on Dec 2, 2021, 10:46 AM
Do you know if It can be installed in a 2020 Cobalt Boat with mercrusier 8.2 engine? Thanks
Question by: andres De Vidts on Jan 18, 2021, 9:31 PM
Hello Andres,
Thank you for your interest in Great Lakes Skipper. I would think it should work on your model, but to be safe I would recommend contacting Enovation Controls to confirm it will cross over to your 2020 Cobalt. If you have any other questions please be sure to contact back. Thank you and have a great day.

Answer by: Ethan Doro on Jan 19, 2021, 9:42 AM