Faria Beede Instruments

Great Lakes Skipper is proud to offer a full array of products from Faria Beede Instrument, formerly T.G. Faria.

Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. has been manufacturing “World Class” Instrumentation in Uncasville, CT for more than 60 years (Established in 1956 as the Thomas G. Faria Corporation) and has grown from a company that primarily produced tachometers for the marine and auto industries into a company that today offers a multitude of analog and digital engine monitoring instrumentation to a wide range of global markets.

With some of the most sophisticated vehicle information and instrumentation systems in the industry, and a range of products that are rugged enough to survive on a military Humvee and heavy construction equipment, or with innovative styling for your boat or RV, Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. has the right products to meet future global needs for rugged, reliable, and innovative instrumentation.

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Faria Beede Instruments, Inc.
P.O. Box 983
385 Norwich-New London Turnpike
Uncasville, CT 06382, USA

Telephone: 860.848.9271
Toll Free Technical Support: 800.473.2742

Shop Products

  1. 1045424_faria_bl9619_white_2_inch_boat_blank_filler_gauge.jpg
    Faria BL9619 White 2 Inch Boat Blank / Filler Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1045424-2EZ2
    $5.95 MSRP: $7.79
  2. 1023221_faria_2_inch_back_mounted_boat_gauge_bracket.jpg
    Faria 2 Inch Back Mounted Boat Gauge Bracket
    GLS Stock #: 1023221-1GQ5
    $5.95 MSRP: $8.03
  3. 1023220_faria_boat_gauge_bracket_4_3_8_inch_back_mounted.jpg
    Faria Boat Gauge Bracket | 4 3/8 Inch Back Mounted
    GLS Stock #: 1023220-1FT1
    $7.95 MSRP: $10.73
  4. 1006885_faria_blank_boat_gauge_2_inch.jpg
    Faria Blank Boat Gauge | 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1006885-1EM3
    $8.95 MSRP: $11.72
  5. 1011516_faria_boat_speedometer_pitot_pickup_black_plastic.png
    Faria Boat Speedometer Pitot Pickup | Black Plastic
    GLS Stock #: 1011516-1GK5
    $8.95 MSRP: $11.72
  6. 1006167_beede_boat_fuel_gauge_12_volt_non_illuminated.jpg
    Beede Boat Fuel Gauge | Custom 2 Inch Black (No Bulb)
    GLS Stock #: 1006167-1EX3
    $9.95 MSRP: $13.03
  7. 1042221_faria_bl9647a_euro_2_inch_white_blank_boat_filler_gauge.jpg
    Faria BL9647A Euro 2 Inch White Blank Boat Filler Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1042221-1GY4
    $10.95 MSRP: $14.78
  8. 1030862_faria_bl9118a_euro_blank_boat_filler_gauge.jpg
    Faria BL9118A Euro Blank Boat Filler Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1030862-5B417
    $10.95 MSRP: $14.78
  9. 1040626_faria_boat_blank_gauge_bl9118a_euro_2_inch_beige_silver.jpg
    Faria Boat Blank Gauge BL9118A | Euro 2 Inch Beige Silver
    GLS Stock #: 1040626-1NX2
    $10.95 MSRP: $14.78
  10. 1022230_faria_bl9137a_blank_boat_gauge.jpg
    Faria BL9137A Blank Boat Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1022230-1FB4
    $10.95 MSRP: $14.78
  11. 1006886_faria_blank_boat_gauge_cs0248f.jpg
    Faria Blank Boat Gauge CS0248F
    GLS Stock #: 1006886-1DM3
    $10.95 MSRP: $14.34
  12. 1006925_faria_boat_blank_gauge_bl9522b_2_inch_black.png
    Faria Boat Blank Gauge BL9522B | 2 Inch Black
    GLS Stock #: 1006925-1EG3
    $10.95 MSRP: $14.34