Lee's Tackle Boat Outrigger Poles | 18 Ft Aluminum (Set of 2)

GLS stock number 1067743 is a new, out of the box, set of Lee's outrigger poles, part number unavailable.
made for Sailfish Boats
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GLS stock number 1067743 is a new, out of the box, set of Lee's outrigger poles, part number unavailable.

More than 60 years ago, the Lee Family pioneered the use of high-strength, cold-drawn, marine-grade aluminum to manufacture the world's strongest and most reliable outriggers. Lee's outriggers continue this tradition with superior strength, durability, and ease of operation for the sports fishermen of the world.

The Advantage of Using Outriggers
  • Increases the number of lines that can be trolled from your boat. Four lines can easily be trolled at once - one from each outrigger and one from each corner of your transom. An additional deep line may be trolled from a center outrigger.
  • Outriggers get your lures (or natural baits) out of the wake and into the green water increasing the spread of your lures and enabling you to cover a much larger area. Lures trolled in the outer wake of the boat have a more lifelike action.
  • Because the line trolling your lure starts from high up, you can get your lure much further behind your boat while maintaining its position near to the surface. Lures can be trolled with the line and leader out of the water. Lures with a tendency to spin and twist lines will do so less when trolled with an outrigger.
  • Provides automatic drop back when used with an outrigger release clip. This is essential when fishing for sailfish or other billfish. When the fish strikes the lure, the line is pulled from the release clip creating a large amount of slack and causing the lure to stop in the water simulating an injured fish. This allows time for an unhooked fish to pick up and often swallow the lure.
  • Aluminum construction with silver spreaders. Measures approximately(18 Ft) 217 3/8" x 20 1/2" overall.
We are selling only what's in the photos. Additional parts many be required for complete installation. Please check with dealer for additional information. Although new, these outrigger poles have some minor scratches and scuffs from storage and handling.

  • Part Mfg: Lee's Tackle
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Overall Dimensions:(18 Ft) 217 3/8" x 20 1/2" (each)
  • Pole Base: 1 5/8" OD
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Product Questions

If I order the Lee outriggers how would I have them shipped to South Carolina?
Question by: Goode Bryan Walton on Feb 1, 2021, 8:22 AM

We could get it shipped to South Carolina, but you are looking in the $2000 range for shipping. It's just such an extreme overlength (240" x 40" x 30") and 445 lbs that a lot of common carriers won't even take it. If you want to try arranging for it yourself, below are the names of several brokers that have worked with our customers on oversize items like pontoon logs, and may be able to help.

Ron Hagbom Gulick Logistics 360-558-6325
Marke Reimer king of Freight 316-530-8160
Pablo Maicot MSV Int'l 909-728-3614

Please be certain to give them those dimensions and weight.

Answer by: Gene Warmuth on Feb 1, 2021, 11:55 AM