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Livorsi's success hinges on a key principle to have the highest standard of quality in the industry. Demand for Livorsi marine boat gauges continues to grow as their product line expands into the digital age. Following Livorsi Marine's success of their marine gauges and marine GPS speedometers, they have also introduced DTS electronic controls, LED Position Indicators and more.

Livorsi is still standard equipment in Bajas, Cigarettes, Fountains, Formulas, Nautique, Malibu, Centurion and many others. Their array of marine precision instruments, hardware and accessories have drawn kudos from boaters and manufacturers.

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Livorsi Marine Inc
715 Center Street
Grayslake IL 60030

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  1. 1020155_livorsi_baja_5_inch_lii_gauge_rim_ra5raw.jpg
    Livorsi Baja 5 Inch LII Gauge Rim RA5RAW
    GLS Stock #: 1020155-1ME3
    $2.00 MSRP: $2.70
  2. 12501_1_lg.jpg
    Livorsi Baja Teal 2 Inch Autometer SAE Gauge Rim
    GLS Stock #: 1020125-1PT3BIN0623
    $3.00 MSRP: $4.05
  3. 1020121_livorsi_baja_tangelo_2_inch_autometer_sae_gauge_rim_2asaeta.jpg
    Livorsi Baja Tangelo 2 Inch Autometer SAE Gauge Rim 2ASAETA
    GLS Stock #: 1020121-1MV3BIN0625
    $3.00 MSRP: $4.05
  4. 12142_1_lg_1.jpg
    Livorsi Baja Blue 2 Inch Autometer SAE Gauge Rim 5002 2ASAE5002BL
    GLS Stock #: 1020186-1HQ2BIN0614
    $3.00 MSRP: $4.05
  5. 7d91babbe099527a7b9eb175968fb297_1.jpg
    Livorsi 90 Degree Brass Elbow Pipe To Hose Fitting
    GLS Stock #: 1042110-5B593
    $4.95 MSRP: $6.68
  6. 27718_1_lg_1.jpg
    Livorsi 2 1/4 Inch Metal Boat Gauge Bracket
    GLS Stock #: 1037196-5F323
    $4.95 MSRP: $6.68
  7. ab8aa61486bb18c6ff46c51cb88af7ae_1.jpg
    Baja BDPRB Livorsi Red Aluminum 1 7/8 Inch Boat Switch Plate Cover
    GLS Stock #: 1042396-5D603
    $5.95 MSRP: $8.03
  8. f48687e8af1bed17f243ee2fa5ec10a7_1.jpg
    Baja BSPRB Livorsi Red Aluminum 1 7/8 Inch Boat Switch Plate
    GLS Stock #: 1042398-5D383
    $5.95 MSRP: $8.03
  9. 1008338_livorsi_boat_gauge_giinfdbplch_baja_non_functional_blank.jpg
    Livorsi Boat Gauge GIINFDBPLCH | Baja Non Functional Blank
    GLS Stock #: 1008338-1JD2
    $5.95 MSRP: $7.79
  10. 1020193_livorsi_boat_gauge_bezel_lmrw_4_3_4_inch_white_plastic.jpg
    Livorsi Boat Gauge Bezel LMRW | 4 3/4 Inch White Plastic
    GLS Stock #: 1020193-1KK3
    $6.95 MSRP: $9.38
  11. 1048273_livorsi_boat_gauge_bezel_2_3_8_in_mustard_yellow.jpg
    Livorsi Boat Gauge Bezel | 2 3/8 In Mustard Yellow
    GLS Stock #: 1048273-1KQ3
    $9.95 MSRP: $13.43