Moeller Boat Portable Fuel Tank 620049LP | 6 Gallon w/ Sight Gauge

at part number1093048 is a new Ultra 6 portable 6 gallon fuel tank from Moeller, part number 620049LP .
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Boat part number1093048 is a new Ultra 6 portable 6 gallon fuel tank from Moeller, part number 620049LP .

Engineered right for the recreational boating market. Moeller portable tanks are designed and manufactured to deliver uncompromising quality and value. Moeller's EPA-compliant tanks meet all ABYC/NMMA/EPA/CARB requirements, featuring a pre-installed sight gauge.

Moeller's line of EPA/CARB compliant portable fuel tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. Advanced manufacturing techniques provide the highest quality product components available and meet the new "low permeation" standards put in place by the EPA/CARB regulations effective 1/1/2011. Manufacturer measures this at 13 1/2" W x 21 1/4" L x 10" H w/ Cap.

  • 2 stage self-venting cap that meets EPA and CARB Permeation Requirements.
  • Designed for easy and stable storage, even in tight places.
  • A reserve fuel area is designed right into the tank by means of a partitioned bottom. When the gauge registers empty, simply tilt the tank and the reserve fuel supply becomes available.
  • Ultra6 Gallon tanks are equipped with Moeller's 90ø fuel withdrawal assembly, reducing fuel line kinks by rotating 360ø.
  • Part Manufacturer: Moeller
  • Series: Ultra 6
  • Part Number: 620049LP
  • UPC: 739729012116
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Color: Red
  • Capacity: 24.6 L (6 Gallons)
  • Overall Dimensions: 13 1/2" W x 21 1/4" L x 10" H w/ Cap

Sold as seen in pictures. Customers please note every computer shows colors differently. All measurements are approximate.

Instruction / installation manual not included.

Hardware not included.

Product Questions

How much would it cost to ship a 6 gal fuel tank to zip code 64015. And have there been any reports of fuel leaking around fittings what kind of warranty is available
Question by: Bob Gross on Aug 12, 2021, 9:46 PM
Hi Bob.

Ground shipping would be $17.03 and takes 3-4 days.

We don't show that we've gotten any complaints on them, but I believe Attwood would carry the warranty on them.

Answer by: Gene Warmuth on Aug 13, 2021, 11:19 AM
I just purchased a Mueller Fuel tank from Boaters Wear-house in Fox Lake IL. It started leaking soon after installation. Fuel is coming from around the fuel line nut that holds the split shaft and fuel line port on the top of the tank. It leaks continuously very slowly and had emptied out most of the fuel before I caught the leak. I took it to Boaters Wear house and they were going to call Mueller for assistance. They have not called me back since. After I left Boaters Wear house the tank started leaking in my car on the way home. The only way I could stop the leak was by setting the tank up vertically in my boat. Please provide help ASAP.
Question by: James Norris on May 14, 2021, 4:52 PM
Hi James,
Though the item was not purchased through us, I will try to help out. I would put a little Teflon tape around all the fittings. If that does not work, let me know, thanks!
Answer by: Jake Doro on May 16, 2021, 10:53 AM