Racor Boat Filter Separator 500MA30 | Diesel Water 30 Micron

Boat part number 1076292 is a new diesel fuel filter / water separator from Racor / Parker, part number 500MA30 .
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Boat part number 1076292 is a new diesel fuel filter / water separator from Racor / Parker, part number 500MA30 .

Per the manufacturer's description:
The Racor Marine Fuel Filter Water Separator Turbine Series is the most trusted fuel filter water separator on the market. The UL-approved assembly features a three-stage filtration system that effectively removes water and particulates from fuel, providing maximum protection of diesel engine components in marine applications where reliability is critical.

All models utilize Racor’s proprietary Aquabloc® filtration elements. Aquabloc® is a unique engineered media that incorporates pleat-spacing corrugations and a graduated pore structure to increase dirt-holding capacity and extend filter life. The media is waterproof and rustproof, capturing contaminants while the specially treated surface separates and coalesces water from the fuel, which causes the water to gather into large droplets that then fall into the clear collection bowl. Aquabloc® elements are available in three different ratings, including:
  • 30 micron (98%@30 micron) – Ideally suited as a pre-filter to protect downstream filters from excessive contamination. Extends the life of on-engine filters.
  • 10 micron (98%@10 micron) - Captures more contaminants than 30 micron elements, and is more effective at stopping water. Extends the life of the entire fuel system.
  • “2” micron (98%@4 microns) – Provides maximum water removal and filtration and is capable of protecting all modern injection systems, while greatly extending the life of difficult-to-service on-engine filters.
How They Work

For optimal performance, Turbine Series marine filter assemblies should be installed on the vacuum side of the fuel transfer pump. They remove contaminates from fuel using the following three-stage process:
  • Stage One - Water Separation: As fuel enters the filter assembly, it moves through the centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets, which fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.
  • Stage Two - Coalescing: Small water droplets bead-up on the surface of the conical baffle and cartridge element. When heavy enough, they fall to the bottom of the bowl.
  • Stage Three - Filtration: Proprietary Aquabloc® cartridge stops and captures fine hard and soft contaminants, while remaining water coalesces on the media surface. The coalesced water gathers into larger drops that then fall down into the clear collection bowl.
  • Part Manufacturer: Racor / Parker
  • Part Number: 500MA30
  • UPC: 706672004130
  • Series: Marine 500 Turbine
  • Filtered Medium: Diesel Fuel / B20
  • Flow Rate: 60 GPH / 227 LPH
  • Micron Rating: 98% at 30 Micron
  • Material: Powder Coated Aluminum / Stainless Steel
  • Color: White
  • Overall Dimensions: 11" L x 6 1/2" W (including mount) x 6" H
  • Ports: (2) 5/8-16 UNF-2B SAE Male flare
  • Mounts: (2) 5/16" W x 1 1/4" L mounting slots

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