Rave Sports

Great Lakes Skipper is proud to carry innovative RAVE Sports® water toys and trampolines.

RAVE Sports® began in 1996 by entrepreneurs with a vision to bring alternative water sports products to the worldwide market. Since their start, RAVE® has expanded their impressive product line featuring the patented Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ water trampoline, wakeboards, and waterskis. They continue to grow with product innovation and quality enhancements.</p>

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  1. 1062941_rave_sports_boat_inflatable_access_ramp_02413_yellow.jpg
    Rave Sports Boat Inflatable Access Ramp 02413 | Yellow
    GLS Stock #: 1062941-5F427
    $389.95 MSRP: $599.60
  2. 1062939_rave_sports_02096_aqua_slide_northwoods_small_water_slide.jpeg
    Rave Sports Boat Water Slide 02096 | Northwoods Small Tan 7 Feet
    GLS Stock #: 1062939-5F527
    $439.95 MSRP: $611.37
  3. 1062937_rave_sports_02092_large_aqua_slide_northwoods_water_slide.jpeg
    Rave Sports Boat Large Water Slide 02092 | Tan 11 Feet
    GLS Stock #: 1062937-5F492
    $649.95 MSRP: $812.08
  4. 1062935_rave_sports_boat_trampoline_020806_bongo_10_northwoods_water_bouncer.jpeg
    Rave Sports Boat Trampoline 020806 | Bongo 10 Northwoods Water Bouncer
    GLS Stock #: 1062935-5M702
    $819.95 MSRP: $1,106.93