Original Taco Metals Boat Parts Online Catalog

Great Lakes Skipper is proud to offer Taco Metals line of marine products.

Founded in 1959, Taco Metals pioneered many products introduced to the marine industry, establishing
a reputation for innovation, quality and supply chain partnering. At Great Lakes Skipper you'll find
Taco Metals rub rails and other marine products for sale.

For half a century, Taco Metals has been a global leader in the recreational marine industry and
boaters trusted source for sport fishing products, specialty marine hardware, T-tops, leaning posts,
premium upholstered seating, table pedestal systems and rub rail.

At Great Lakes Skipper you'll find a large selection of Taco Metals boat parts and accessories.

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Taco Metals

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  1. 8600594_larson_boats_8701_1438rubrl_00_taco_metals_v15_9855bka250_black_5_8_inch_pvc_semi_rigid_mari_767581364.jpeg
    Larson Boat U Channel 8701-1438 | V15-9855BKA250 Black 5/8 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 8600594-4WBS1
    $3.49 MSRP: $4.71
  2. 1082979_taco_boat_rod_holder_liner_fountain_8_3_4_x_1_3_4_inch_white.jpeg
    Fountain Boat Fish Rod Holder RHTP-1.75 | 2 Inch White Nylon
    GLS Stock #: 1082979-5H734
    $8.95 MSRP: $12.08
  3. 8201223_taco_metals_h231670_polished_2_5_8_x_1_5_8_inch_14_gage_stainless_steel_boat_hinge_single.jpeg
    Taco Metals Boat Hinge H231670 | Stainless 2 5/8 x 1 5/8 Inch (Single)
    GLS Stock #: 8201223-5D323
    $9.95 MSRP: $13.43
  4. 1071820_taylor_made_boat_bimini_screw_11737_3_4_inch_od_set_of_10.jpeg
    Taylor Made Boat Bimini Screw 11737 | 3/4 Inch OD (Set of 10)
    GLS Stock #: 1071820-1PV2
    $11.95 MSRP: $16.13
  5. 1083876_taco_metals_boat_rod_hanger_f19_0006_2_1_3_4_inches_stainless.jpeg
    Taco Metals Boat Rod Hanger F19-0006-2 | 1 3/4 Inches Stainless
    GLS Stock #: 1083876-5G463
    $13.95 MSRP: $18.95
  6. 1059629_taco_metals_aluminum_boat_accessory_ready_male_spline_adapter_single.jpeg
    Taco Metals Aluminum Boat Accessory-Ready Male Spline adapter (Single)
    GLS Stock #: 1059629-1PV2
    $16.95 MSRP: $22.88
  7. 1008700_taco_marine_boat_windshield_molding_1_2_x_1_2_x_20_ft_rubber.jpg
    Taco Marine Boat Windshield Molding | 1/2 x 1/2 x 20 Ft Rubber
    GLS Stock #: 1008700-4WAF1
    $16.95 MSRP: $22.88