Wakeboard Tower Bimini Tops

Wakeboard Tower Bimini Tops

A wakeboard tower bimini top, as its name suggests, is made to be mounted on your boat's wakeboard tower. Check out Great Lakes Skipper's dozens of discount wakeboard bimini tops! We have wakeboard tower bimini tops in a dazzling array of colors from manufacturers like Tracker, Baja, Dowco, MasterCraft, Stratos, Larson Boats, Bayliner, Sea Ray, Gekko, and Cobalt. Get your measurements together and give us a call - we're here to help.

To determine which boat bimini top is best for your application, simply choose the length/depth (front to back), height, and width that best accommodates your boat and your requirements. The height as well as length/depth determines how much shade your bimini top will provide. Also consider the coverage area when the top is deployed or opened and where it falls when it's closed and folded down at the rear of the boat. Remember to ensure that there is enough space in front of and behind the deployed top to mount eye straps to secure the hold-down straps.

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  1. 1053002_rinker_boat_wakeboard_bimini_top_111607008_210_black_78_83_inch.jpg
    Rinker Boat Wakeboard Bimini Top 111607008 | 210 Black 78 - 83 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1053002-5Y164
    $499.95 MSRP: $674.93
  2. 1051111_rinker_boat_wakeboard_bimini_top_112100006_190_dark_red_58_inch.jpg
    Rinker Boat Wakeboard Bimini Top 112100006 | 190 Dark Red 58 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1051111-5Y164
    $499.95 MSRP: $674.93
  3. 1011559_baja_boat_277_islander_bimini_top_2008_wakeboard_tower_black.jpg
    Baja Boat 277 Islander Bimini Top | 2008 Wakeboard Tower Black
    GLS Stock #: 1011559-1AP3
    $499.00 MSRP: $673.65
  4. 7600113_moomba_boat_wakeboard_bimini_top_111294_225_mojo_w_v2_tower_black.jpeg
    Moomba Boat Wakeboard Bimini Top 111294 | Mojo 2.5 w/ V2 Tower Black
    GLS Stock #: 1081650-1AM3
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93
  5. 1081046_bennington_boat_bimini_top_119987854_q_black_89_1_2_92_1_2_inch.jpeg
    Bennington Boat Bimini Top 119987854 | Q Black 89 1/2 - 92 1/2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1081046-5Y114
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93
  6. 1081048_bennington_boat_bimini_top_121675874_90_1_2_93_1_2_inch_gray.jpeg
    Bennington Boat Bimini Top 121675874 | 90 1/2 - 93 1/2 Inch Gray
    GLS Stock #: 1081048-5Y114
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93
  7. 7600104_supra_boat_rear_bimini_top_116089_sh_pro_edge_tower_black.jpeg
    Supra Boat Rear Bimini Top 116089 | SH Pro Edge Tower Black
    GLS Stock #: 7600104-5Y204
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93
  8. 1045149_boat_wakeboard_bimini_top_nn1_3x20aa_x26_godfrey_aqua_patio_sweetwater_premium.jpeg
    Godfrey Boat Bimini top NN1-3X20AA-X26 | Aqua Patio Sweetwater Premium
    GLS Stock #: 1045149-1AR3
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93
  9. 1052542_tahoe_boat_wakeboard_tower_top_42881_02_228_265_q8_red.jpg
    Tahoe Boat Wakeboard Tower Top 42881-02 | 228 / 265 / Q8 Red
    GLS Stock #: 1052542-5Y136
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93