Faria Heritage

Faria Heritage Boat Gauges

Value engineered specifically for the demanding marine environment, only Faria Beede can provide rugged, reliable marine instruments with quality second to none at such competitive prices. The Faria Heritage series gauges feature perimeter-lit white dials with black lettering and gold accents, making them easy to read. Gold bezel rims and scratch-resistant lenses make the Faria Heritage series boat gauges an elegant, dependable choice for your boat. Get yours today at Great Lakes Skipper.

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  1. 1034781_faria_gp4814a_boat_systems_check_gauge.jpg
    Faria Boat Systems Check Gauge GP4814A | Heritage Series White / Gold
    GLS Stock #: 1034781-1MG2
    $39.99 MSRP: $53.99
  2. 1035219_faria_op1121a_heritage_series_boat_water_pressure_gauge.jpg
    Faria OP1121A Heritage Series Boat Water Pressure Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1035219-5F593
    $39.95 MSRP: $53.93
  3. 1083646_faria_boat_trim_gauge_gp7620a_heritage_2_inch_yamaha_gold.jpeg
    Faria Boat Trim Gauge GP7620A | Heritage 2 Inch Yamaha Gold
    GLS Stock #: 1083646-1GX2
    $34.95 MSRP: $53.93
  4. 1082370_faria_boat_volt_gauge_vp4009a_heritage_2_inch_gold_white.jpeg
    Faria Boat Volt Gauge VP4009A | Heritage 2 Inch Gold White
    GLS Stock #: 1082370-1KK3
    $34.95 MSRP: $45.78
  5. 1080395_faria_boat_volt_gauge_vp4064a_heritage_2_inch_gold_white.jpeg
    Faria Boat Volt Gauge VP4064A | Heritage 2 Inch Silver White
    GLS Stock #: 1080395-1GM2
    $34.95 MSRP: $47.18
  6. 1080172_faria_boat_fuel_gauge_gp2011a_harris_kayot_heritage_2_inch.jpeg
    Faria Boat Fuel Gauge GP2011A | Harris Kayot Heritage 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1080172-1FM2
    $34.95 MSRP: $47.18
  7. 1034786_faria_gp4416a_heritage_series_omc_evinrude_johnson_boat_trim_gauge.jpg
    Faria GP4416A Heritage Series OMC Evinrude / Johnson Boat Trim Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1034786-1HG3
    $29.99 MSRP: $40.49
  8. 1080180_faria_boat_temperature_gauge_gp4005a_heritage_2_inch_gold_white.jpeg
    Faria Boat Temperature Gauge GP4005A | Heritage 2 Inch Gold White
    GLS Stock #: 1080180-1KY3
    $29.95 MSRP: $39.23
  9. 1035218_faria_boat_oil_pressure_gauge_gp2413a_heritage_2_inch_gold_white.jpg
    Faria Boat Oil Pressure Gauge GP2413A | Heritage 2 Inch Gold White
    GLS Stock #: 1035218-1JT2
    $29.95 MSRP: $39.23