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Suzuki Marine designs high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines for the worldwide marine markets. Committed to 4-stroke technology, Suzuki Marine does what it does best, reliable 4-strokes that are a perfect fit for today's boats. The result is the industry’s largest all 4-stroke lineup, from their mini-might 2.5 horsepower portable to their flagship 4-liter 300-horsepower V6, twenty models in all, each packed with advanced features and cutting edge technology. Suzuki Marine offers a powerful choice for every boater that could only come from the 4-stroke leader.

Expect bigger and better things from Suzuki Marine. Like more powerful, quiet and fuel efficient 4-strokes that give the performance and reliability boaters demand.

Great Lakes Skipper has put together an extensive list of Suzuki Marine parts and accessories for boaters needs.

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  1. 1089377_suzuki_boat_short_engine_block_10002_92802_df140_outboard.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Short Engine Block 10002-92802 | DF140 Outboard
    GLS Stock #: 1089377-GE518
    $3,495.00 MSRP: $5,125.30
  2. 1075715_suzuki_boat_cylinder_head_12000_93843_df_250.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Cylinder Head 12000-93843 | DF 250
    GLS Stock #: 1075715-5F124
    $2,235.95 MSRP: $2,929.09
  3. 1079520_suzuki_boat_engine_cowling_kit_df115_matte_black_115_hp_4pc.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Engine Cowling Kit | DF115 Matte Black 115 HP (4PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1079520-PH325
    $1,549.00 MSRP: $2,029.19
  4. 1078162_suzuki_boat_throttle_control_6700_98je0_single_engine_kit.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Throttle Control 6700-98JE0 | Single Engine (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1078162-5G066
    $1,339.00 MSRP: $1,807.65
  5. 1078156_suzuki_boat_throttle_control_6700_98je1_000_single_engine_kit.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Throttle Control 6700-98JE1-000 | Single Engine (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1078156-5F034
    $1,339.00 MSRP: $1,807.65
  6. 1078053_suzuki_boat_throttle_control_6700_98jf0_000_single_engine_kit_893764529.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Throttle Control 6700-98JF0-000 | Single Engine (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1078053-5G115
    $1,339.00 MSRP: $1,807.65
  7. 1078051_suzuki_boat_throttle_control_6700_98je3_000_single_engine_kit.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Throttle Control 6700-98JE3-000 | Single Engine (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1078051-5F024
    $1,339.00 MSRP: $1,807.65
  8. 1075318_suzuki_marine_boat_cylinder_head_assembly_11101_93j00_df225_4_stroke_5.png
    Suzuki Marine Boat Cylinder Head Assembly 11101-93J00 | DF225 4-Stroke
    GLS Stock #: 1075318-5N584
    $1,249.95 MSRP: $1,687.43
  9. 1093581_suzuki_boat_flush_control_mount_67200_98j23_silver_black.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Flush Control Mount 67200-98J23 | Silver Black
    GLS Stock #: 1093581-FG941
    $829.95 MSRP: $1,015.10
  10. 1086232_suzuki_boat_gauge_set_df_models_7000_rpm_50_mph_set_of_6.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Gauge Set | DF Models 7000 RPM 50 MPH (Set of 6)
    GLS Stock #: 1086232-FD753
    $799.95 MSRP: $1,079.93
  11. 1091889_suzuki_boat_engine_cowling_top_175_hp_black_crack_scratches.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Engine Cowling Top | 175 HP Black (Crack / Scratches)
    GLS Stock #: 1091889-FD517
    $749.95 MSRP: $1,012.43
  12. 1087663_suzuki_boat_starter_motor_kit_31000_94j01_df15_outboard_2004_2009.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat Starter Motor Kit 31000-94J01 | DF15 Outboard 2004 - 2009
    GLS Stock #: 1087663-5C447
    $684.95 MSRP: $924.68