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Weeres pontoon boats was founded in 1952 in Richmond, Minn. Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, Ambrose Weeres built his first prototype and soon couldn't keep up with demand. Sixty years after that first pontoon boat, Weeres Pontoons are built with all the technological advancements, NMMA certification and strict standards of quality and safety for the 21st century.

Whether you are looking for new or used pontoon boat accessories or replacement pontoon seat cushions, Great Lakes Skipper has many hard to find Weeres pontoon boat parts for sale.

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  1. 1072551_weeres_pontoon_boat_graphic_decal_kit_u26678_02_bronze_set_of_4.jpeg
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Graphic Decal Kit U26678-02 | Bronze (Set of 4)
    GLS Stock #: 1072551-5J122
    Special Price $322.96 MSRP: $512.93
  2. 1053156_weeres_boat_dash_panel_set_k_388_019_inboard_outboard_3_pc.jpg
    Weeres Boat Dash Panel Set K-388-019 | Inboard Outboard (3 PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1053156-1CQ6
    Special Price $314.46 MSRP: $499.43
  3. 1053060_weere_brp_omc_tan_bronze_vinyl_plastic_boat_outboard_gauge_switch_dash_board_panel.jpg
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Dash Panel W1DASH007 | 32 x 8 Inch w/ Gauges
    GLS Stock #: 1053060-5A645
    Special Price $314.46 MSRP: $499.43
  4. 1052903_weeres_boat_gauge_dash_panel_16589a_1_yamaha_11_x_7_inch_silver.jpeg
    Weeres Boat Gauge Dash Panel 16589A-1 | Yamaha 11 x 7 Inch Silver
    GLS Stock #: 1052903-5N485
    Special Price $254.96 MSRP: $404.93
  5. 1072537_weeres_pontoon_boat_graphic_decal_kit_u26678_05_blue_silver_4_pc.jpeg
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Graphic Decal Kit U26678-05 | Blue Silver (4 PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1072537-5J721
    Special Price $212.46 MSRP: $337.43
  6. 1072520_weeres_pontoon_boat_graphic_decal_kit_w1_tape_413_sky_blue_7_pc.jpeg
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Graphic Decal Kit W1-TAPE-413 | Sky Blue (7 PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1072520-5J604
    Special Price $212.46 MSRP: $282.44
  7. 1072522_weeres_pontoon_boat_graphic_decals_136218_07_sky_blue_taupe_7_pc.jpeg
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Graphic Decals 136218-07 | Sky Blue Taupe (7 PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1072522-5J534
    Special Price $212.46 MSRP: $337.43
  8. 1072541_weeres_pontoon_boat_graphic_decals_136218_06_hunter_green_7pc.jpeg
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Graphic Decals 136218-06 | Hunter Green (7PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1072541-5N306
    Special Price $212.46 MSRP: $337.43
  9. 1072524_weeres_pontoon_boat_graphic_decal_kit_w1tape418_red_pewter_7pc.png
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Graphic Decal Kit W1TAPE418 | Red Pewter (7PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1072524-5J763
    Special Price $212.46 MSRP: $337.43
  10. 1072535_weeres_boat_graphic_decal_kit_u26678_06_pine_green_4pc.jpeg
    Weeres Boat Graphic Decal Kit U26678-06 | Pine Green (4PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1072535-5J084
    Special Price $212.46 MSRP: $337.43
  11. 1072553_weeres_pontoon_boat_graphic_decal_u26678_03_burgundy_black_4pc.jpeg
    Weeres Pontoon Boat Graphic Decal U26678-03 | Burgundy Black (4PC)
    GLS Stock #: 1072553-5J173
    Special Price $212.46 MSRP: $337.43