Marine Grade Leather and Suede

Marine Grade Leather and Suede

Ultrasuede and suede fabric has the softness of genuine suede leather and none of its fragility. Marine-grade suede cloth gives your boat seats and marine upholstery a touch of class as well as comfort. Available by the yard and in a range of colors, Great Lakes Skipper's suede fabric is luxurious and beautiful. Want a sample? Just ask us. And check back soon for more discount suede fabric.

Is anything as luxurious as leather upholstery? Check out Great Lakes Skipper's amazing discount upholstery leather. We have whole hides as well as swatches. Suitable for any number of boat, RV, or home upholstery projects, our selection of boat seat leather is both affordable and sumptuous. New boat materials arrive every month, so check back soon for more discount leather from Great Lakes Skipper.

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  1. 7200053_gt_boat_ultra_suede_fabric_080461_chaparral_driftwood_57_yard.jpeg
    GT Boat Ultra Suede Fabric 080461 | Chaparral Driftwood 57" (Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 7200053-5P343
    Special Price $21.24 MSRP: $32.38
  2. 8201040_four_winns_047_1281_donnely_treasure_trove_58_inch_boat_suede_fabric_yd.jpg
    Four Winns Boat Suede Fabric 047-1281 | Treasure Trove 58 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 8201040-5P402
    Special Price $21.24 MSRP: $33.74
  3. 1028847_glastron_boat_48_inch_sea_green_ultra_suede_fabric_yard.jpeg
    Glastron Boat 48 Inch Sea Green Ultra Suede Fabric (Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 1028847-5R573
    Special Price $21.24 MSRP: $33.74
  4. 1028523_glastron_boat_57_inch_burgundy_ultra_suede_fabric_yard.jpeg
    Glastron Boat Ultra Suede Fabric 63024FR | Burgundy 57 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1028523-5R612
    Special Price $21.24 MSRP: $33.74
  5. 8201200_four_winns_046_0822_oem_optima_admiral_55_inch_marine_ultra_suede_fabric_boat_auto_upholster.jpeg
    Four Winns Boat Ultra Suede Fabric 046-0822 | Admiral Beige 54" (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 8201200-5P342
    Special Price $21.21 MSRP: $31.25
  6. 1010409_carver_yachts_marquis_boat_leather_swatch.jpg
    Carver Yachts Marquis Boat Leather Swatch
    GLS Stock #: 1010409-1KM4
    Special Price $21.21 MSRP: $33.68
  7. 8200799_four_winns_09_dunnely_punch_58_inch_knit_back_suede_boat_fabric_linear_yard_047_1279.jpg
    Four Winns Boat Fabric 047-1279 | 09 Dunnely Punch 58 Inch (Linear YD)
    GLS Stock #: 8200799-5P321
    Special Price $16.11 MSRP: $25.58
  8. 8200803_four_winns_09_dunnely_adobe_58_inch_knit_back_suede_boat_fabric_linear_yard_047_1278.jpg
    Four Winns 09 Dunnely Adobe 58 Inch Knit Back Suede Boat Fabric (Linear Yard) 047-1278
    GLS Stock #: 8200803-5R473
    Special Price $16.11 MSRP: $25.58
  9. 8601649_bradford_boat_soft_touch_vinyl_4542_158802_larson_oyster_bay_57_yard.jpeg
    Bradford Boat Soft Touch Vinyl 4542-158802 | Larson Oyster 57" (Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 8601649-5R572
    Special Price $15.29 MSRP: $24.29
  10. 1065342_boat_texuede_suede_fabric_tiara_564574_sorbet_54_yd.jpeg
    Tiara Boat Suede Fabric 564574 | Yellow 54 Inch Texuede 1000 (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1065342-5P541
    Special Price $15.29 MSRP: $24.95
  11. 1065340_boat_texuede_suede_fabric_tiara_564575_khaki_54_yd.png
    Boat Texuede Suede Fabric | Tiara 564575 Khaki 54" (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1065340-5N653
    Special Price $15.29 MSRP: $24.95
  12. 1065343_boat_novasuede_suede_fabric_tiara_5648607_buff_54_yd.jpeg
    Boat Novasuede Suede Fabric | Tiara 5648607 Buff 54" (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1065343-5R652
    Special Price $15.29 MSRP: $19.99