Marine Vinyl (Fuzzy and Knit Backing)

Marine Grade Boat Vinyl with Fuzzy and Knit Backing

Looking for a great deal on knit back marine grade vinyl fabric? We have it here at Great Lakes Skipper! Shop with us for quality discount knit-back vinyl, available by the yard and in a rainbow of colors, patterns, and finishes. We have miles of discount knit back vinyl made by Omnova, G and T Industries, Naugahyde, and more. When you're ready to attack your next boat seat upholstery project, order online or give us a call, and see how much you can save on knit back boat seat vinyl!

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  1. 1001337_yamaha_knit_backed_54_inch_boat_vinyl_natural_tan_5_yard_section.jpg
    Yamaha Knit Backed 54 Inch Boat Vinyl Natural Tan (5 Yard Section)
    GLS Stock #: 1001337-1QB4
    $60.00 MSRP: $81.00
  2. 1001365_yamaha_marine_54_inch_oxford_wine_knit_back_vinyl_1100144_yd_206786994.jpeg
    Yamaha Boat Knit Back Vinyl 1100144 | Naugahyde Wine Red 54 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1001365-1QJ5
    $12.00 MSRP: $19.96
  3. 1001366_yamaha_54_inch_boat_knit_vinyl_nile_blue_yard.jpg
    Yamaha Boat Knit Back Vinyl 1100094 | Naugahyde Nile Blue 54 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1001366-1QN3
    $12.00 MSRP: $16.20
  4. 1001361_yamaha_54_inch_knit_backed_boat_vinyl_cranberry_yard.jpg
    Yamaha Boat Knit Back Vinyl 1100072 | Naugahyde Cranberry 54 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1001361-1QD4
    $12.00 MSRP: $16.20
  5. 1001367_yamaha_54_inch_sky_gray_knit_back_boat_vinyl_5_yard_section.jpg
    Yamaha Boat Knit Back Vinyl 1100033 | Naugahyde Gray 54" (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1001367-1QJ1,1QK1
    $12.00 MSRP: $16.20
  6. 1001339_yamaha_54_inch_iris_knit_backed_boat_vinyl_yard.jpg
    Yamaha Boat Knit Back Vinyl 1100004 | Naugahyde Violet 54 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1001339-1QC4
    $16.99 MSRP: $22.94
  7. 8202503_wellcraft_boats_soft_touch_vinyl_046_0846_light_brown_55_inch_yard.jpeg
    Wellcraft Boats Ultraleather | Sandy Brown 55 Inch (Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 1074327-5R472
    $24.00 MSRP: $32.40
  8. 8202503_wellcraft_boats_soft_touch_vinyl_046_0846_light_brown_55_inch_yard.jpeg
    Wellcraft Boats Ultraleather 046-0846 | Light Brown 55 Inch (Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 8202503-5P521
    $24.00 MSRP: $32.40
  9. 8101572_tracker_marine_buttercream_55_inch_fuzzy_backed_boat_vinylyard.jpg
    Tracker Marine Buttercream 55 Inch Fuzzy Backed Boat Vinyl(Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 8101572-5P464
    $12.00 MSRP: $16.20
  10. 8101581_tracker_marine_brick_red_55_inch_knit_backed_boat_vinyl_linear_yard.jpg
    Tracker Marine Brick Red 55 Inch Knit Backed Boat Vinyl (Linear Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 8101581-5P422
    $12.00 MSRP: $16.20