Safety Equipment

Boat Safety Equipment

Stay safe on the water with safety equipment from Great Lakes Skipper's amazing inventory of discount boat supplies. We hope you'll never need to use boat fire extinguishers or signal flares, but it's best to have them just in case. Please make sure you have enough personal flotation devices, ring buoys, or life jackets for your boat's passengers. For a larger boat or yacht, consider a fire suppression system; we carry parts for those, too. Check out our inventory of boat whistles, key buoys, boat engine kill switches, boat paddles, boat warning buzzers, and other safety equipment parts and supplies. Be prepared; be safe.

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  1. 8701663_fireboy_xintex_boat_fire_extinguisher_ma21500227_bl_1500_ft_w_mount.jpeg
    Fireboy Xintex Boat Fire Extinguisher MA21500227-BL | 1500 Ft w/ Mount
    GLS Stock #: 8701663-5X651
    $2,999.00 MSRP: $5,255.00
  2. 8701059_fireboy_xintex_boat_fire_extinguisher_ma21500227_bl_1500_cubic_ft.jpeg
    Fireboy Xintex Boat Fire Extinguisher MA21500227-BL | 1500 Cubic Ft
    GLS Stock #: 8701059-1FJ1
    $2,999.00 MSRP: $5,255.00
  3. 8700687_fire_boy_xintex_boat_fire_extinguisher_ma2_manual_automatic_800_cu_ft.png
    Fireboy Xintex Boat Fire Extinguisher MA2 | Manual Automatic 800 cu ft
    GLS Stock #: 8700687-1RV1
    $1,995.95 MSRP: $2,694.53
  4. 106606_sea_fire_fg_125a_red_4_1_4_x_16_inch_marine_boat_automatic_fire_extinguisher_single.jpeg
    Sea-Fire Boat Fire Extinguisher FG-125A | Automatic 125 Cu Ft FM200
    GLS Stock #: 1066606-5J174
    $399.95 MSRP: $548.27
  5. Sea Fire Boat  Automatic Fire Extinguisher Fg 100 A | 100 Cu Ft
    Sea Fire Boat Automatic Fire Extinguisher Fg 100 A | 100 Cu Ft
    GLS Stock #: 8501697-5C442
    $359.95 MSRP: $485.93
  6. 8401963_fireboy_xintex_boat_fire_extinguisher_ma2_075_227_75_cubic_ft.jpeg
    Fireboy Xintex Boat Fire Extinguisher MA2-075-227 | 75 Cubic Ft
    GLS Stock #: 8401963-5J771
    $324.95 MSRP: $433.00
  7. 1082571_sea_fire_boat_fire_extinguisher_nfg_75a_75_cubic_feet.jpeg
    Sea-Fire Boat Fire Extinguisher NFG 75A | 75 Cubic Feet
    GLS Stock #: 1082571-5F292
    $299.95 MSRP: $404.93
  8. 1076551_fireboy_xintex_boat_engine_shutdown_system_es_3000_01_24v_24v_3_circuit.jpeg
    Fireboy Xintex Boat Engine Shutdown ES-3000-01-24V | 24V 3 Circuit
    GLS Stock #: 1076551-5C156
    $264.95 MSRP: $490.00
  9. 8401961_fireboy_xintex_boat_fire_extinguisher_ma2_075_227_57_cubic_ft.png
    Fireboy Xintex Boat Fire Extinguisher MA2-075-227 | 57 Cubic Ft
    GLS Stock #: 8401961-5M687
    $249.95 MSRP: $337.43
  10. 7200566_mercury_boat_propeller_alert_system_8m0074746_chaparral_dual_led_kit.jpeg
    Mercury Boat Propeller Alert System 8M0074746 | Chaparral Dual LED (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 7200566-1NJ2
    $249.95 MSRP: $337.43
  11. 8701771_fireboy_boat_discharge_cable_e_4209_40_40_ft_kit.jpeg
    Fireboy Boat Discharge Cable E-4209-40 | 40 FT (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 8701771-5F475
    $199.95 MSRP: $245.00