Boat Seat Backing and Underlining Material

A strong foundation is essential to any project, and boat reupholstery is no exception. For exceptionally good prices on quality boat upholstery backing fabrics, take a look at Great Lakes Skipper's giant inventory of new and replacement boat parts, like PVC boat seat backing, boat upholstery underlining, and mesh boat seat backing. We sell upholstery underlining material by the yard by Paragon, Phifer Incorporated, and G & T Industries for Four Winns, Powerquest, Bayliner, and more. Enjoy browsing our boat upholstery underlining material - we're glad you're here!

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  1. 1036803_bayliner_250005_white_54_inch_9_oz_pvc_weave_boat_seat_backing_yard.png
    Bayliner 250005 White 54 Inch 9 Oz PVC Weave Boat Seat Backing (Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 1036803-5P682
    Special Price $11.01 MSRP: $16.96
  2. 8102641_spradling_boat_pvc_fabric_seat_underlining_tracker_184429_white_54_yd.jpeg
    Tracker Boat Seat Backing Underliner 184429 | 54 Inch PVC White (Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 8102641-5R472
    Special Price $8.46 MSRP: $13.03
  3. 1043568_sea_doo_54_inch_black_boat_seat_backing_underlining_linear_yard.jpg
    Sea Doo 54 Inch Black Boat Seat Backing / Underlining (Linear Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 1043568-5P782
    Special Price $8.46 MSRP: $13.43
  4. 1037291_powerquest_54_inch_black_pvc_weave_boat_seat_backing_underlining_yard.jpg
    Powerquest Boat Seat Underlining Fabric 31694800 | PVC 54 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 1037291-5P403
    Special Price $8.46 MSRP: $13.03
  5. 8200280_four_winns_047_1214_gt_industries_boat_seat_backinglinear_yard.jpg
    Four Winns Boat Seat Underlining Fabric 047-1214 | PVC 54 Inch (YD)
    GLS Stock #: 2000892-5P522
    Special Price $5.94 MSRP: $9.43
  6. 1004230_standard_60_inch_black_boat_seat_backing_underlining_linear_yard.jpg
    Standard 60 Inch Black Boat Seat Backing / Underlining (Linear Yard)
    GLS Stock #: 1004230-5P583
    Special Price $4.25 MSRP: $6.75