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For 40 years Great Lakes Skipper has been dedicated to bringing the recreational boater quality marine electrical supplies and boat parts at the most competitive prices. All our boat parts are manufactured by leading marine electrical supply companies such as BEP Marine, Marinco and Carling Industries. Great Lakes Skipper offers a complete range of marine electronics and marine electrical supplies and we are proud to provide all the boating supplies you need to complete that critical project. From fuse blocks to marine wire, battery cable to marine electronics, electrical panels to boat wiring systems, our online marine store carries thousands of out-of-production and hard-to-find OEM electrical supplies. Please note that we want your recreational boating and touring to be safe. Even though we have one of the largest selections of surplus electrical supplies and boat parts and accessories, Great Lakes Skipper strongly encourages all boaters to contact a certified, trained marine electrical technician before attempting any marine electrical repairs or projects. Be sure to check back often for special pricing on our marine elecrtical components.

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  1. 1089864_volvo_penta_boat_ec_control_system_3860487_single_lever_12_24vdc.jpeg
    Volvo Penta Boat EC Control System 3860487 | Single Lever 12/24VDC
    GLS Stock #: 1089864-5F037
    Special Price $3,395.75 MSRP: $5,393.25
  2. 8700977_mastervolt_boat_inverter_battery_charger_36024005_24_4000_120_230v.jpeg
    Mastervolt Boat Inverter Battery Charger 36024005 | 24/4000-120 230V
    GLS Stock #: 8700977-5D765
    Special Price $2,970.75 MSRP: $4,718.25
  3. 7400099_charles_industries_boat_inverter_93_acp1221c_pursuit_boats_12_volt.jpeg
    Charles Industries Boat Inverter 93-ACP1221C | Pursuit Boats 12 Volt
    GLS Stock #: 7400099-5D835
    Special Price $2,591.65 MSRP: $3,645.00
  4. 8701599_mastervolt_boat_inverter_battery_charger_36022505_24v_2500w_60a.jpeg
    Mastervolt Boat Inverter Battery Charger 36022505 | 24V 2500W 60A
    GLS Stock #: 8701599-5D625
    Special Price $2,031.46 MSRP: $2,807.52
  5. 1076233_glendinning_boat_shore_power_cable_storage_cm_7_cablemaster_50_24v_remote.jpeg
    Glendinning Cablemaster CM-7 Boat Shore Power | 50' 24V W / Remote
    GLS Stock #: 1076233-5F448
    Special Price $1,695.75 MSRP: $2,693.11
  6. 1076240_glendinning_boat_shore_power_cable_storage_cm_7_cablemaster_50_12v_remote_829505734.jpeg
    Glendinning Cablemaster CM-7 Boat Shore Power Kit | 50' 12V W / Remote
    GLS Stock #: 1076240-5X393
    Special Price $1,525.75 MSRP: $2,893.36
  7. 1086983_mercury_quicksilver_boat_pcm_89790650t_dfi_225_250_pro_xs_30l.jpeg
    Mercury Quicksilver Boat Propulsion Control Module 89790650T | DFI 225 / 250
    GLS Stock #: 1086983-5N406
    Special Price $1,359.11 MSRP: $2,213.29
  8. 1086973_mercury_quicksilver_boat_propulsion_control_module_89790626t_135_dfi.jpeg
    Mercury Quicksilver Boat Propulsion Control Module 89790626T | 135 DFI
    GLS Stock #: 1086973-5N406
    Special Price $1,358.30 MSRP: $2,157.00
  9. 1076231_glendinning_boat_shore_power_cable_storage_cm_7_cablemaster_50_12v_no_remote.jpeg
    Glendinning Cablemaster CM-7 Boat Shore Power Kit | 50' 12V No Remote
    GLS Stock #: 1076231-5J161
    Special Price $1,342.15 MSRP: $2,613.11
  10. 1060337_hydro_sport_hs14223274_gray_13_1_4_x_11_inch_boat_battery_selector_breaker_panel_223_01112.jpeg
    Hydra Sports Boat Battery Panel HS14223274 | BH 223-01112-V Gray 13 1/4" x 11"
    GLS Stock #: 1060337-GH542
    Special Price $1,274.96 MSRP: $2,024.93
  11. 1083014_charles_boat_inverter_charger_9c_acp1226ci_a_iq_2600_watt_12v_220v_50_hz.jpeg
    Charles Boat Inverter Charger 9C-ACP1226CI-A | IQ 2600 Watt 12V 220V 50 Hz
    GLS Stock #: 1083014-GH728
    Special Price $1,274.15 MSRP: $2,850.53
  12. 1076229_glendinning_boat_shore_power_cable_storage_cm_7_cablemaster_12v_no_arm_remote.jpeg
    Glendinning Cablemaster CM-7 Boat Shore Power | 50' 12V No Arm Remote
    GLS Stock #: 1076229-5G728
    Special Price $1,214.65 MSRP: $2,431.67