Boat Trailer Locks

Keep your boat trailer secure with a discount boat trailer lock from Great Lakes Skipper. We have great closeout deals on coupler boat trailer locks, boat trailer receiver locks, boat trailer locks with cables, and more boat trailer locks. Check out our discount boat trailer locks from Attwood, Shipshape Marine, Cequent Performance Products, and more top marine lock brands. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your treasured boat is secure on its trailer with a boat trailer lock from Great Lakes Skipper.

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  1. 1075348_fulton_boat_trailer_coupler_lock_tp170103_1_7_8_inch.jpeg
    Fulton Boat Trailer Coupler Lock TP170103 | Gorilla Guard 1 7/8 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1075348-5G584
    $34.95 MSRP: $59.03
  2. 1008718_fulton_boat_2_inch_trailer_receiver_lock.jpg
    Fulton Boat 2 Inch Trailer Receiver Lock
    GLS Stock #: 1008718-1FT4
    $19.95 MSRP: $26.93
  3. 1008717_napa_hitchlock_boat_trailer_lock_w_6_foot_cable.jpg
    Napa Hitchlock Boat Trailer Lock W/ 6 Foot Cable
    GLS Stock #: 1008717-1FT4
    $13.95 MSRP: $18.83
  4. 1063455_pro_tech_pt3_bb_2_inch_marine_boat_class_3_and_4_deadbolt_hitch_lock.jpeg
    Pro-Tech Boat Deadbolt Hitch Lock PT3-BB | 2 Inch Class 3 and 4
    GLS Stock #: 1063455-5C396
    $10.95 MSRP: $14.78
  5. 1007295_shipshape_plated_steel_coupler_boat_trailer_lock.jpg
    Shipshape Plated Steel Coupler Boat Trailer Lock
    GLS Stock #: 1007295-1FW2
    $7.95 MSRP: $10.73
  6. 1063660_durasafe_boat_receiver_lock_rl222_1_2_inch_pin_class_ii_2.jpeg
    DuraSafe Boat Receiver Lock RL222 | 1/2 Inch Pin Class II
    GLS Stock #: 1063660-5G396
    $5.95 MSRP: $8.03