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If you're looking for discount boat steering cables and boat steering cable parts, you're in luck! Great Lakes Skipper has thousands of boat parts in stock, including boat steering cables by Morse, Teleflex, Uflex, Detmar, Mercury Marine, and more. Available in a range of lengths, Great Lakes Skipper's discount boat steering cables offer quality and value. We have rack and pinion cables, rotary cables, flat rack steering cables, and more boat steering cables and boat steering parts, all at amazing discount prices.


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  1. 7100133_teleflex_seastar_dual_rack_boat_steering_cable_ssc13516_16_ft.jpg
    Teleflex Seastar Dual Rack Boat Steering Cable SSC13516 | 16 Ft
    GLS Stock #: 7100133-2DF3
    $399.95 MSRP: $411.81
  2. 1036589_teleflex_10_foot_ssc13510_dual_rack_and_pinion_boat_steering_cable_032552361.png
    Teleflex 10 Foot SSC13510 Dual Rack and Pinion Boat Steering Cable
    GLS Stock #: 1036589-5G383
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93
  3. 1035628_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc13525_25_foot_dual_rack_and_pinion.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC13525 | 25 Foot Dual Rack and Pinion
    GLS Stock #: 1035628-2CZ2
    $399.95 MSRP: $715.49
  4. 1035631_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc13524_24_foot_dual_rack_and_pinion.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC13524 | 24 Foot Dual Rack and Pinion
    GLS Stock #: 1035631-5F322
    $399.95 MSRP: $674.99
  5. 1035630_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc13523_23_foot_dual_rack_and_pinion.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC13523 | 23 Foot Dual Rack and Pinion
    GLS Stock #: 1035630-2DZ2
    $399.95 MSRP: $674.93
  6. 1035629_teleflex_boat_steering_cable_ssc13521_21_foot_dual_rack_and_pinion.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cable SSC13521 | 21 Foot Dual Rack and Pinion
    GLS Stock #: 1035629-2DZ2
    $399.95 MSRP: $539.93
  7. 1010656_teleflex_17_foot_ssc13517_dual_rack_and_pinion_boat_steering_cable.jpg
    Teleflex 17 Foot SSC13517 Dual Rack And Pinion Boat Steering Cable
    GLS Stock #: 1010656-2CX1
    $369.99 MSRP: $499.49
  8. 1036564_teleflex_58_foot_ssc6258_qc_rotary_boat_steering_cable.jpg
    Teleflex 58 Foot SSC6258 QC Rotary Boat Steering Cable
    GLS Stock #: 1036564-5G353
    $349.99 MSRP: $458.49
  9. 1036591_teleflex_morse_command_200_boat_steering_cable_ssc13036_36_foot.jpeg
    Teleflex Morse Command 200 Boat Steering Cable SSC13036 | 36 Foot
    GLS Stock #: 1036591-5G363
    $259.95 MSRP: $350.93
  10. 8402100_teleflex_xtreme_boat_steering_cable_sscx15450_rack_and_pinion_50_ft.jpg
    Teleflex Xtreme Boat Steering Cable SSCX15450 | Rack and Pinion 50 FT
    GLS Stock #: 8402100-2CJ1
    $199.95 MSRP: $261.93
  11. 1059130_teleflex_17_ft_sierra_sscx6417_xtreme_boat_steering_cable.png
    Teleflex 17 FT Sierra SSCX6417 Xtreme Boat Steering Cable
    GLS Stock #: 1059130-2CF1
    $199.95 MSRP: $275.23
  12. 1024546_teleflex_30_foot_ssc15430_single_rack_and_pinion_boat_steering_cable.jpg
    Teleflex 30 Foot SSC15430 Single Rack And Pinion Boat Steering Cable
    GLS Stock #: 1024546-2CF2
    $179.99 MSRP: $242.99