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How Does a Transducer Work?

The easiest way to understand how a transducer functions is to think of it as a speaker and a microphone built into one unit. A transducer receives sequences of high-voltage electrical pulses called transmit pulses from the echosounder. Just like the stereo speakers at home, the transducer then converts the transmit pulses into sound. The sound travels through the water as pressure waves. When a wave strikes an object like a weed, a rock, a fish, or the bottom, the wave is reflected. The wave is said to echo—just as your voice will echo off a canyon wall. When the reflected sound wave returns the transducer acts as a microphone. It receives the sound wave during the time between each transmit pulse and converts it back into electrical energy. A transducer will spend about 1% of its time transmitting and 99% of its time quietly listening for echoes. Remember, however, that these periods of time are measured in microseconds, so the time between pulses is very short. The echosounder can calculate the time difference between a transmit pulse and the return echo and then display this information on the screen in a way that can be easily understood by the user.

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  1. 1084485_simrad_boat_thru_hull_transducer_000_11685_001_b275lh_w_150_250_khz.jpeg
    SIMRAD Boat Thru-Hull Transducer 000-11685-001 | B275LH-W 150-250 kHz
    GLS Stock #: 1084485-5D584
    $1,399.00 MSRP: $1,732.99
  2. 1085080_simrad_boat_thru_hull_transducer_000_12492_001_b75m_chirp_0_degree.jpeg
    SIMRAD Boat Thru Hull Transducer 000-12492-001 | B75M CHIRP 0 Degree
    GLS Stock #: 1085080-5C194
    $1,399.00 MSRP: $1,888.65
  3. 8701505_simrad_boat_multisensor_transducer_000_11852_001_idst800l_235khz.jpeg
    Airmar Boat Multisensor Transducer 000-11852-001 | IDST800L 235kHz
    GLS Stock #: 8701505-5C683
    $499.95 MSRP: $599.00
  4. 1061613_medallion_7050_02003_00_black_5_1_2_x_3_1_4_inch_plastic_boat_depth_module.png
    Medallion 7050-02003-00 Black 5 1/2 x 3 1/4 Inch Plastic Boat Depth Module
    GLS Stock #: 1061613-5A424
    $379.95 MSRP: $512.93
  5. 1035752_airmar_td1014_long_stem_bronze_50_200_khz_dst_thru_hull_boat_transducer.jpg
    Airmar Boat Transducer TD1014 | Long Stem Bronze Thru Hull 31-705-1-01
    GLS Stock #: 1035752-5F455
    $299.95 MSRP: $404.93
  6. 8700717_airmar_boat_transducer_31_556_3_02_carver_yachts_50_200_khz_b60_20.jpg
    Airmar Boat Transducer 31-556-3-02 | Carver Yachts 50/200 kHz B60-20
    GLS Stock #: 8700717-5F475
    $234.95 MSRP: $299.99
  7. 1020010_evinrude_johnson_boat_multi_sensor_triducer_763440_235_khz_kit.png
    Evinrude Johnson Boat Multi-Sensor Triducer 763440 | 235 kHz (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1020010-1FB3
    $229.00 MSRP: $332.97
  8. 1089148_airmar_boat_thru_hull_transducer_010_10982_21_b60_tilted_8_pin_bronze.jpeg
    Airmar Boat Thru Hull Transducer 010-10982-21 | B60 Tilted 8-Pin Bronze
    GLS Stock #: 1089148-5G643
    $224.95 MSRP: $299.99
  9. 1090687_raymarine_boat_thru_hull_transducer_e70341_cpt_s_high_chirp_bronze.jpeg
    Raymarine Boat CHIRP Sonar Transducer E70341 | CPT-S 20 Degree Bronze
    GLS Stock #: 1090687-5D203
    $199.95 MSRP: $269.99
  10. 1067282_yamaha_boat_transom_triducer_6y9_tridu_ce_kt_command_link_kit.png
    Yamaha Boat Transom Triducer 6Y9-TRIDU-CE-KT | Command Link (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1067282-5G404
    $199.95 MSRP: $269.93
  11. 1085673_transducer_shield_boat_transducer_bracket_tm_hx_1_9_1_8_x_2_inch.jpeg
    Transducer Shield Boat Transducer Bracket TM-HX-1 | 9 1/8 x 2 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 1085673-1JC4
    $144.95 MSRP: $169.99