Our Privacy Policy

Great Lakes Skipper promises to keep all information about our clients completely private. We have been doing business on the web since 2002, and we have never sold our email lists, nor any other client information.

We hate spam as much as anyone, and we value personal privacy. You can count on us to keep your information private. This means that information about your phone numbers, email address, and postal address will be kept totally confidential.

We are here to make boating affordable. It’s just that simple.

Information we collect while you are visiting our site

We collect normal usage statistics as people visit our site. This is something web sites commonly do to improve the sites usability and reliability. We wish to ensure the best, most secure user experience possible.

This means that while you are on our site, we will record this information:

  • The pages you visit
  • The time you spend on each page
  • The time and date you visited a page
  • Your IP address
  • The URL of the site you were visiting before you came to us
  • The web browser you use

Other personal information we may collect

We collect different personal information, depending on what product or service you use.

If you sign up for an account, we collect your:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Any billing or shipping address you choose to save

If you sign up for our free newsletter, we collect your:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • IP address

If you purchase any of our products, we collect your:

  • Email address
  • Billing address
  • Phone
  • Name
  • Credit card information (see below)

We do use cookies on Great Lakes Skipper

We use cookies, which are tiny files that your web browser writes to your hard disk, when you visit certain pages on our site.

In these cookies we record things such as:

  • The date and time of your first visit to our site
  • The reference id for any of our newsletters, emails or ads you clicked on
  • Other computer codes our server uses

We only collect what we need to satisfy you

We will never ask you for any of the following information which you might use elsewhere to protect your security on the web:

  • Social security number
  • Mother's maiden name
  • City you were born in
  • Name of favorite pet

About credit card security

Your credit card number is sent in encrypted form to our credit card processor.

As a result, humans cannot read it. It also means that if someone is intercepting your internet traffic, the card number is scrambled. No one can read it, except our credit card processing company.

We use secure servers (SSL) and extra strong encryption. On our site when you see the URL change from "http://" to "https://", all data transmission is encrypted so that other people snooping around the net will not be able to read the data.

We also employ a special security service which attempts to hack into our web site. They do this several times each day. If they find a new weakness they warn us and we are required to improve our security within 48 hours.

Thus using your credit card on our site is very safe. In fact, it is more safe than using your credit card at a restaurant or store where someone can easily write down all the information from your card. We do not keep a stored record of your card number on file for your protection.

We have been accepting credit cards over the internet for more than 15 years. The only time a customer thought there was a problem was when someone else in their family made the purchase without telling them.

As a final comfort, most credit card companies will drop a credit card charge if you tell them you never made the charge. They have to do this to stay in business.

About Social Media Logins

We have added a feature where you can use social media logins for your account. These features reach out to the service chosen, such as Facebook or Google, to handle your login. The only information we get back from these services is your name and email address, and they get linked to your account.

While we love when our customers connect with us on social media, this feature is only used for logging in only. We do not use this social media information for anything else. We want to make it convenient for you, and we don’t believe you have to trade your privacy to remember one less password.

We have also ensured that this feature allows you to remove any social media link at all from your account at any time.

Refund Policy

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If you have any further questions about your account or orders, you are always welcome to contact us.