Boat Speedometers

Safety first: be aware of your boat's speed to protect yourself, your passengers, and other boaters and swimmers. Great Lakes Skipper has discount boat speedometers by the hundreds - quality marine speedometers priced to sell. Check us out for amazing closeout deals on boat speedometers by Medallion, Beede, Faria, Datcon, US Marine, Livorsi, VDO, Yamaha, Teleflex, and more quality marine manufacturers. Whether you need a pontoon boat speedometer, a diesel boat engine speedometer, a speedboat speedometer, or something else, Great Lakes Skipper has it at a price you'll love. Don't see what you need today? Check back often, as we add more boat parts all the time. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. 1077262_enovation_boat_gps_speed_control_e1885557b_zero_off_5_inch_kit.jpeg
    Enovation Boat GPS Speed Control E1885557B | Zero Off 5 Inch (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1077262-5C032
    $1,099.95 MSRP: $1,290.00
  2. 8202571_zero_off_boat_gps_speed_control_gauge_e188555a_four_winns_kit.jpeg
    Zero Off Boat GPS Speed Gauge E188555A | Four Winns (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 8202571-5D574
    $1,099.95 MSRP: $1,290.00
  3. 8400809_1.jpg
    MasterCraft Boat GPS SpeedControl | 2013 Zero Off E1885560 Kit 509162
    GLS Stock #: 8400809-5G302
    $999.00 MSRP: $1,590.00
  4. 1084070_mercury_smartcraft_boat_gauge_set_79_8m0101096_sc1000_kit.jpeg
    Mercury SmartCraft Boat Gauge Set 79-8M0101096 | SC1000 (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1084070-5F753
    $699.95 MSRP: $944.93
  5. 8602238_enovation_boat_gps_speed_control_e1885557b_zero_off_incomplete.jpeg
    Enovation Boat GPS Speed Control E1885557B | Zero Off (Incomplete)
    GLS Stock #: 8602238-5D774
    $699.95 MSRP: $944.93
  6. 1047638_ski_centurion_5_inch_standard_boat_wakeboard_gps_control_gauge.jpg
    Ski Centurion Boat Wakeboard GPS Control Gauge | 5 Inch Standard
    GLS Stock #: 1047638-'5E355
    $499.95 MSRP: $674.93
  7. 1074647_gaffrig_boat_gps_speedometer_gauge_184820_digital_platinum_silver_109890982.jpeg
    Gaffrig Boat GPS Speedometer Gauge 184820 | Digital Platinum Silver
    GLS Stock #: 1074647-1PX2
    $475.00 MSRP: $641.25
  8. 1074626_gaffrig_boat_gps_speedometer_gauge_184020_digital_black.jpeg
    Gaffrig Boat GPS Speedometer Gauge 184020 | Digital Black
    GLS Stock #: 1074626-1PK2
    $475.00 MSRP: $641.25
  9. 1074645_gaffrig_boat_gps_speedometer_gauge_184520_digital_white.jpeg
    Gaffrig Boat GPS Speedometer Gauge 184520 | Digital White
    GLS Stock #: 1074645-1PT2
    $475.00 MSRP: $641.25
  10. 1086217_mercury_boat_speedometer_gauge_kit_79_889223k23_smartcraft_gray.jpeg
    Mercury Boat Speedometer Gauge Kit 79-889223K23 | SmartCraft Gray
    GLS Stock #: 1086217-1CH3
    $459.95 MSRP: $620.93
  11. 1078224_gaffrig_boat_speedometer_gauge_184024_analog_gps_3_3_8_inch_black.jpeg
    Gaffrig Boat Speedometer Gauge 184024 | Analog GPS 3 3/8 Inch Black
    GLS Stock #: 1078224-5C034
    $449.95 MSRP: $607.43