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  1. 1081358_thetford_boat_cassette_toilet_c263_caravan_motorhome_plastic_9366sp.jpeg
    Thetford Boat Cassette Toilet C263 | 4.6 Gal Caravan Motorhome 9366SP
    GLS Stock #: 1081358-5K787
    $259.95 MSRP: $349.00
  2. 1079936_dr_shrink_boat_cover_shrink_wrap_ds_167200_white_7_mil_16_x_200_ft.jpeg
    Dr Shrink Boat Cover Shrink Wrap DS-167200 | White 7 Mil 16 x 200 FT
    GLS Stock #: 1079936-2KH2
    $179.95 MSRP: $281.09
  3. 1081371_norcold_boat_refrigerator_freezer_nr751bb_27_cu_ft_12_24v_120_240v.jpeg
    Norcold Boat Refrigerator Freezer NR751BB | 2.7 CU FT 12/24V 120/240V
    GLS Stock #: 1081371-2DA1
    $579.95 MSRP: $889.24
  4. 1077997_triton_boat_metal_glitter_flake_8715328_black_ice_8_oz.jpeg
    Triton Boat Metal Glitter Flake 8715328 | Black Ice (8 oz)
    GLS Stock #: 1077997-2YF1
    $20.95 MSRP: $28.28
  5. 1082600_bryant_boat_bow_cover_br674_08_196_198_198w_apex_canvas_black.jpeg
    Bryant Boat Bow Cover BR674-08 | 196 / 198 / 198W Apex Canvas Black
    GLS Stock #: 1082600-5C316
    $249.95 MSRP: $337.43
  6. 1082837_tracker_boat_steering_console_w_gauge_26_1_2_x_34_inch_tan.jpeg
    Tracker Boat Steering Console | w/ Tachometer 26 1/2 x 34 Inch Tan
    GLS Stock #: 1082837-3N272
    $499.95 MSRP: $674.93
  7. 1082705_blue_wave_boat_center_console_step_58_x_30_3_4_x_11_inch_aluminum.jpeg
    Blue Wave Boat Center Console Step | 58 x 30 3/4 x 11 Inch Aluminum
    GLS Stock #: 1082705-4WBF1
    $249.95 MSRP: $337.43
  8. 1077999_ranger_boat_metal_glitter_flake_12244_sahara_gold_8_oz.jpeg
    Ranger Boat Metal Glitter Flake 12244 | Sahara Gold (8 oz)
    GLS Stock #: 1077999-2YF1
    $20.95 MSRP: $28.28

Notes From The Skipper

Tips for your boat

  • Kristine Fischer's Adventurous Life

    In May 2019, Great Lakes Skipper sponsored kayak angler Kristine Fischer in the Hobie Bass Open Series tournament on Kentucky Lake, and we were thrilled when she placed first


    Kristine spends her life traveling and fishing, but she took some time to answer a few questions for us about her choice of watercraft, her favorite catch, and finding the courage to live an adventurous life. 

    You write eloquently about your life and the sport of kayak fishing. What led you to kayak fishing instead of “the glitter boat world"? 

    There were a few things I considered when choosing k

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  • After a Hurricane

    There are steps you can take to protect your boat from a hurricane, but if you're not able to do so, you might find an unpleasant surprise when next you visit your dock. 

    If your boat was damaged, you'll want to contact your insurance company immediately. In the meantime, as soon as it is safe, here are some things you should do to protect your boat and reduce potential problems.

    1. If your boat is accessible and it is safe to do so, remove as much equipment as possible to protect it from looters or vandals.

    2. Protect the boat from weather exposure, leaks, mildew, dry mud, etc. Regardless of the boat's condition, it should be cleaned and dried out.

    3. If the engine and other machinery have been submerged or gotten wet, it should be "pickled" by flushing with fresh water and then filling with diesel fuel or kerosene. 

    4. If your boat is sunk or must be moved by a salvage company, let your insurance company assist with the arrangements.

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  • Bimini Season!



    Summer at Great Lakes Skipper is bikini bimini season! Did you know that, as long as the size is right, almost any bimini top can be installed on any boat? Here's how to find your bimini top size, whether your boat is big or

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  • Merci, Monsieur Pitot!

    In 1732, an engineer named Henri Pitot got the job of measuring the flow of the Seine, the famous river that bisects the city of Paris. A late bloomer, Pitot seems to have been an unremarkable student until age 19, when he fell in love with geometry after picking up a book on the subject in a shop. Pitot went on to accomplish many feats of engineering in his career, but it's the contraption he devised to measure the speed of water flow that has made his name famous among boaters.

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What our customers are saying

  • I ordered a sear over the weekend and I was contacted first thing Monday morning with an issue and the issue was addressed and taken care of very quickly. I received the seat by Wednesday and I was so pleased with my purchase. The packing of the seat could not have been any better Ethan was my customer service representative and he was prompt, courteous and so helpful. I would highly recommend this company

    Larry W

  • I needed a new deck fill for my Baja outlaw. I emailed both Baja and Great Lakes skipper. Great Lakes got back with me, I order a brand new part on Thursday, and it got delivered to my house while i was working on my boat Sunday! The park was in excellent condition and fit as expected.

    Scott M

  • I bought a new Yamaha outboard from these guys. Shipping went smoothly but the wrong accessory package was included. One phone call to these guys with the number of the installing dealer and parts were expedited and exchanged without my involvement. Mistakes happen, it's how we resolve those mistakes that matters.

    Eric P

  • Incredibly fast service and much more helpful than the Malibu dealers that never get back to you and just tell you nothing they can do for you. I highly recommend GLS and will be a returning customer.

    Justin R