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  1. 1094016_pontoon_boat_log_float_tubes_25_ft_x_25_inch_set_of_2.jpeg
    Pontoon Boat Log Float Tubes | 25 FT x 25 Inch (Set of 2)
    GLS Stock #: 1094016-4WW7
    $2,995.00 MSRP: $4,043.25
  2. 7600646_moomba_boat_raised_tower_decal_110148_dark_gray_12_x_1_inch.jpeg
    Moomba Boat Raised Tower Decal 110148 | Dark Gray 12 x 1 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 7600646-AX197
    $39.95 MSRP: $53.93
  3. 7600643_moomba_boat_raised_decal_119340_craz_pro_25_1_2_x_2_inch_black_gray.jpeg
    Moomba Boat Raised Decal 119340 | Craz Pro 25 1/2 x 2 Inch Black Gray
    GLS Stock #: 7600643-GA812
    $49.95 MSRP: $67.43
  4. Leeson 970.620A IEC34-1 IP44 3000 RPM 12 VDC Boat DC Motor
    Leeson 970.620A IEC34-1 IP44 3000 RPM 12 VDC Boat DC Motor
    GLS Stock #: 1045545-5G343
    $149.95 MSRP: $202.43
  5. 1094000_transom_pontoon_boat_log_tube_27_ft_x_27_inch_w_ski_locker_used.jpeg
    Transom Pontoon Boat Log Tube | 27 FT x 27 Inch w/ Ski Locker (Used)
    GLS Stock #: 1094000-4WW12
    $3,695.00 MSRP: $5,393.25
  6. 8203658_four_winns_boat_blank_side_panel_032_2817_43_x_16_3_4_inch_set_of_2.jpeg
    Four Winns Boat Blank Side Panel 032-2817 | 43 x 16 3/4 Inch (Set of 2)
    GLS Stock #: 8203658-FB683
    $339.95 MSRP: $458.93
  7. 1092173_parker_boat_console_door_255206_17_x_18_inch_arctic_white_starboard.jpeg
    Parker Boat Console Door 255206 | 17 x 18 Inch Arctic White Starboard
    GLS Stock #: 1092173-FB853
    $149.95 MSRP: $202.43
  8. 1092882_parker_boat_cutting_board_250530_15_3_8_x_15_7_8_inch_cream.jpeg
    Parker Boat Cutting Board 250530 | 15 3/8 x 15 7/8 Inch Cream
    GLS Stock #: 1092882-FC891
    $39.95 MSRP: $53.93

Notes From The Skipper

Tips for your boat

  • Spring Boating Checklist part 1

    We don't know about you, but at Great Lakes Skipper we are DONE with old man winter. We've had enough and we think you have as well. Here are a couple of simple projects that can be done while the boat is still in the garage.

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  • Early-Spring Fishing

    The thermometer might not be rising as quickly as we'd like, but with a few more minutes of light every day, spring is well on its way. The fish know it, too. As daylight lengthens and temperatures rise, fish leave their hideouts in the depths and come up to hunt. No need to wait for summer - grab your rod and tackle box and make the most of the early season.  

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  • The Buzz on Boat Bugs: Galley Pests

    For those of us who are lucky enough to have a galley on board, food presents another point of contact for insect pests. Keeping your galley clean helps a lot, but even clean kitchens get bugs sometimes. There are some tricks you can try to keep them out or, if they’ve already invaded, to destroy them.

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  • The Buzz on Boat Bugs: Wasps

    The insect world is filled with beauty: colorful butterflies, elegant dragonflies, and cute ladybugs. It’s also home to less beautiful but mostly harmless creatures like ants and crickets. And then there are the wasps. Wasps are just straight-up jerks.

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What our customers are saying

  • Had a super specific, new/old stock gauge for my 2002 Maxum 1800sr. Couldn’t believe it. Even had the tech service sticker from the factory. Was clearly brand new, matched my gauges, and worked perfect after installation. Couldn’t be happier. Shipping was super fast also.

    Tom K

  • I was in need of a piano hinge for a boat we are working on. There are many sizes and style hinges, so I wanted to make sure that we were ordering the correct one. I talked to Andrew at Great Lakes and he said he would get back to me that day with the hinge measurements......and He did, the SAME day. We live in a time that poor customer service is the normal. Andrew did exactly what he said and he is an upbeat sort of guy, friendly and nice to talk to. Thank you Andrew and Great Lakes.

    Jeff D

  • I bought a new Yamaha outboard from these guys. Shipping went smoothly but the wrong accessory package was included. One phone call to these guys with the number of the installing dealer and parts were expedited and exchanged without my involvement. Mistakes happen, it's how we resolve those mistakes that matters.

    Eric P

  • Ordered a bimini top for my boat from Great Lakes Skipper and could not have been happier with the transaction. The item was packaged very well, better than I could have done myself. It was nice to see they took care to make sure my item arrived as purchased.

    Kyle P