Teleflex Lido Elite

Teleflex Lido Elite Boat Gauges

Stylish stainless steel bezel design, black on white graphics, accurate and reliable, these tough instruments look good on all types of boats. Domed glass sheds water and resists scratching. A comprehensive family of instruments for outboards, stern drives and inboards, including diesels! Lido instruments feature crisp white dials and red pointer tips. Red through-dial and white perimeter lighting is provided for great night readability. Lido offers wide inboard coverage with engine sync gauges as well as diesel alternator and magnetic pickup tachometers. A hot seller with OEMs and covers most inboards!

• Instruments available for most outboards, stern drives and gasoline-powered inboards
• Scratch-resistant domed glass lenses
• Enhanced illumination: through-dial lighting

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  1. 19509_1_lg.jpg
    Teleflex Lido Elite Custom 4 pc Inboard / Outboard Boat Gauge Set
    GLS Stock #: 1027583-ZZ-OOS
    $149.99 MSRP: $196.49
  2. 17394_1_lg.jpg
    Teleflex Lido Elite 4 pc Inboard / Outboard Boat Gauge Set
    GLS Stock #: 1024756-ZZ-OOS
    $149.99 MSRP: $196.49
  3. 8103028_teleflex_boat_speedometer_gauge_68242f_tracker_lido_elite_series_3_1_4_inch.jpeg
    Teleflex Boat Speedometer Gauge 68242F | Tracker Lido Elite 3 1/4 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 8103028-5A562
    $59.95 MSRP: $80.93
  4. 17301_1_lg.jpg
    Teleflex Lido Elite 68250 Boat Temperature Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1026397-1#J2
    $29.95 MSRP: $39.23
  5. 16547_1_lg_1.jpg
    Teleflex Lido Elite 68251F Boat Fuel Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1025418-1GC2
    $24.95 MSRP: $32.68
  6. 13821_1_lg_1.jpg
    Teleflex Lido Elite 68246 Mercury / Volvo / Yamaha Boat Trim Gauge
    GLS Stock #: 1022241-1KG5BIN0365
    $24.95 MSRP: $32.68