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Boat Upholstery, Tops, Covers and Flooring

From boat vinyl to Ultraleather to soft fabric, our marine upholstery supplies will add that comforting appeal to your next boat remodeling project. Our selection of quality boat covers will keep your "baby" safe from rain and snow. Great Lakes Skipper is a discount marine store that carries a full line of original boat vinyl and fabrics for all your marine upholstery needs. Recently, we have revitalized our website to offer you the most convenient and secure shopping method for buying all your marine upholstery supplies.

With over 40 years experience in the marine upholstery industry, you can rest assured that you are receiving marine grade products at the best prices. We feature the boat vinyl, fabrics and marine upholstery supplies right from the manufacturers. In most cases, we have the same product that was used to build your boat! Why shop anywhere else? With hundreds of miles of marine carpet and boat vinyl, everything you need is right here. We'll cut your order to length, pack it in the most effective manner and ship it quickly at the best rate in the business. So choose your marine fabric, your boat seat vinyl, or your boat canvas to complete your marine upholstery project in style. Need a free marine fabric or boat vinyl sample? Give us a call. And don't forget to keep watching our marine store. We are bringing in thousands of new products every month!

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  1. 1084025_suncatcher_pontoon_boat_enclosure_kit_45084_15_x3_24rs_dowco_2015.jpeg
    SunCatcher Pontoon Boat Enclosure Kit 45084-15 | X3 24RS Dowco 2015
    GLS Stock #: 1084025-XIN2859PD230
    $4,995.00 MSRP: $6,745.00
  2. 1084011_suncatcher_boat_enclosure_curtain_kit_45084_57_x324_rs_dowco_beige.jpeg
    SunCatcher Boat Enclosure Curtain Kit 45084-57 | X324 RS Dowco Beige
    GLS Stock #: 1084011-PF350
    $4,995.00 MSRP: $6,743.25
  3. 1089973_sureshade_boat_automatic_telescopic_shade_mako_234_cc_59_inch_white.jpeg
    SureShade Boat Automatic Telescopic Shade | Mako 234 CC 59 Inch White
    GLS Stock #: 1089973-5Y201
    $4,995.00 MSRP: $6,749.00
  4. 8701582_makefast_boat_bimini_hydraulic_actuator_bhu_002_180_marquis_12v_kit.jpeg
    Makefast Boat Bimini Hydraulic Actuator BHU-002-180 | Marquis 12V Kit
    GLS Stock #: 8701582-FE710
    $4,495.00 MSRP: $6,068.25
  5. 1091530_regency_pontoon_boat_wakeboard_tower_w_bimini_318289_le3_black_2019.jpeg
    Regency Pontoon Boat Wakeboard Tower w/ Bimini 318289 | LE3 Black 2019
    GLS Stock #: 1091530-3EAST
    $4,295.00 MSRP: $5,798.25
  6. 1091482_sea_ray_boat_wakeboard_tower_w_bimini_270_sd_2016_black_scratches.jpeg
    Sea Ray Boat Wakeboard Tower w/ Bimini | 270 SD 2017 Black (Scratches)
    GLS Stock #: 1091482-3EAST
    $4,295.00 MSRP: $5,799.00
  7. 1084017_lowe_pontoon_boat_enclosure_kit_45458_14_retreat_250_rfl_black_dowco.jpeg
    Lowe Pontoon Boat Enclosure Kit 45458-14 | Retreat 250 RFL Black Dowco
    GLS Stock #: 1084017-XIN2859PD230
    $3,995.00 MSRP: $5,394.00
  8. 1084015_regency_boat_enclosure_curtain_kit_45582_14_254_le3_sport_dowco_2017.jpeg
    Regency Boat Enclosure Curtain Kit 45582-14 | 254 LE3 Sport Dowco 2017
    GLS Stock #: 1084015-PG200
    $3,995.00 MSRP: $5,393.25
  9. 1084007_lowe_boat_enclosure_curtain_kit_45510_07_sf212_fcs_dowco_blue_2016.jpeg
    Lowe Boat Enclosure Curtain Kit 45510-07 | SF212 FCS Dowco Blue 2016
    GLS Stock #: 1084007-5R657
    $3,995.00 MSRP: $5,393.25
  10. 1084013_lowe_pontoon_boat_enclosure_curtain_kit_44970_18_ss250_wt_dowco_sand.jpeg
    Lowe Pontoon Boat Enclosure Curtain Kit 44970-18 | SS250 WT (Stains)
    GLS Stock #: 1084013-PF350
    $3,975.00 MSRP: $5,366.25
  11. 8700302_marquis_yachts_500_sport_coupe_cockpit_teak_flooring_kit_8404610.jpeg
    Marquis Yachts 500 Sport Coupe Cockpit Teak Flooring Kit 8404610
    GLS Stock #: 8700302-4WAS3
    $2,995.00 MSRP: $5,413.84