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Take a look at Great Lakes Skipper’s gigantic inventory to meet your needs for boat air conditioner parts and hardware, including air conditioner controls, boat AC lines, marine air conditioner cables, triplex cables, air conditioner junction boxes, boat AC duct kits, evaporators, vacuum forms, boat air conditioner blowers and fans, seawater pumps and filters, hull harness assemblies, marine air conditioner vent kits, air conditioner hoses and hose adapters and connectors. We carry new and replacement parts from Dometic, Larson Boats, Cruisair, Bayliner, Sea Ray, Attwood, Baja Marine, Aqua-Air, Carver, Kohler, Mercury Marine, Perko, Oceanair, Tracker, Sea Fox, Triton, Humminbird, and Wellcraft, all at discount prices. To save big on boat air conditioners and marine air conditioner parts, contact Great Lakes Skipper and let us know how we can help.

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  1. 8701162_dometic_boat_air_conditioner_ed60u_emerald_60k_btu_230v_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Air Conditioner | ED60U Emerald 60K BTU 230V 60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 8701162-GH402
    $3,795.00 MSRP: $6,615.00
  2. 8701256_dometic_boat_condensing_unit_ed48_emerald_48000_btu_230v_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Condensing Unit ED48 | Emerald 230V 60Hz 48000 BTU
    GLS Stock #: 1091341-GE945
    $3,495.00 MSRP: $6,410.00
  3. 8701820_dometic_boat_condensing_unit_deu16_410_emerald_16000_btu_230v_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Condensing Unit DEU16-410 | Emerald 16000 BTU 230V 60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 8701820-5F658
    $2,895.00 MSRP: $3,200.00
  4. 1090676_dometic_boat_air_conditioner_dtg8_2371_410a_8000_btu_230v_50_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Air Conditioner DTG8-2371-410A | 8000 BTU 230V 50-60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 1090676-5M127
    $2,495.00 MSRP: $2,785.00
  5. 1090672_dometic_boat_air_conditioner_dtg8_1171_410a_8000_btu_230v_50_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Air Conditioner DTG8-1171-410A | 8000 BTU 115V 50-60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 1090672-GD418
    $2,495.00 MSRP: $2,700.00
  6. 8701201_dometic_boat_air_conditioner_unit_vtd12ukz_410a_12000_btu_230v_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Air Conditioner Unit VTD12UKZ-410A | 12000 BTU 230V 60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 8701201-GG465
    $2,495.00 MSRP: $3,368.25
  7. 1076809_dometic_boat_air_conditioner_deu36_410_smrtstrt_deu36_emerald_36k_btu_230v_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Air Conditioner DEU36-410 SMRTSTRT | DEU36 Emerald 36K BTU 230V 60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 1076809-XIN2554GD740
    $2,495.00 MSRP: $5,595.00
  8. 8700549_dometic_boat_a_c_compressor_emerald_ed24_carver_yachts_24k_btu.jpeg
    Dometic Boat A/C Compressor Emerald ED24 | Carver Yachts 24k BTU
    GLS Stock #: 8700549-XIN2804PH250
    $2,495.00 MSRP: $3,779.93
  9. 8701204_dometic_boat_air_conditioner_unit_vtd10ukz_410a_10000_btu_230v_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Air Conditioner Unit VTD10UKZ-410A | 10000 BTU 230V 60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 8701204-GG465
    $2,449.00 MSRP: $3,306.15
  10. 1054349_carver_yachts_9010351_dometic_vcd18kz50_2_hv_417a_18000_btu_220v_50hz_vector_compact_europ.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Air Conditioner VCD18KZ50/2-HV-417A | Carver 9010351 Euro 18000 BTU
    GLS Stock #: 1054349-GH720
    $1,999.95 MSRP: $2,699.93
  11. 8701206_dometic_boat_evaporating_unit_eble16_230v_eble_16000_btu_230v_60hz.jpeg
    Dometic Boat Evaporating Unit EBLE16-230V | EBLE 16000 BTU 230V 60Hz
    GLS Stock #: 8701206-GE745
    $1,999.00 MSRP: $2,980.00