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Established in 1981, Thunder Jet began by producing just 5 boats in their first year, but that is all it took and Thunder Jet was the latest industry buzz.

30 Plus years and over 6000 boats later, Thunder Jet now holds the position as one of the most successful aluminum boating companies to ever exist, a direct result of their superior product and continued efforts to improve and adapt to the ever changing boating community’s needs.

Today Thunder Jet is the most advanced heavy gauge aluminum boat builder in North America. By utilizing and investing in the newest and best in equipment, people, and practices, Thunder Jet Boats are the highest quality, best finished, and best valued boats available today.

Great Lakes Skipper is proud to offer an assortment of replacement parts for your Thunderjet Luxor, Alexis, Pilot and more boat models.

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  1. 1041757_bomar_boat_ventilation_hatches_thunderbird_24_x_13_inch_set_of_2.jpg
    Bomar Boat Ventilation Hatches | Thunderbird 24 x 13 Inch (Set of 2)
    GLS Stock #: 1041757-5D294
    $599.00 MSRP: $808.65
  2. 7300296_wema_boat_holding_tank_sensor_shs040_thunderjet_4_inch_stainless.jpeg
    WEMA Boat Holding Tank Sensor SHS040 | Thunderjet 4 Inch Stainless
    GLS Stock #: 7300296-AY378
    $73.95 MSRP: $83.79
  3. 7300080_mercury_boat_tilt_limit_module_899625k04_thunder_jet_kit.jpeg
    Mercury Boat Tilt Limit Module 899625K04 | Thunder Jet 1.7 L (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 7300080-'5E315
    $69.95 MSRP: $91.96
  4. 7300139_mercury_boat_hydraulic_steering_hose_thunder_jet_25_ft_2750_psi.jpeg
    Mercury Boat Hydraulic Steering Hose | Thunder Jet 25 FT 2750 PSI
    GLS Stock #: 7300139-XIN3003
    $64.95 MSRP: $87.68
  5. 7300141_mercury_boat_hydraulic_steering_hose_thunder_jet_22_ft_3000_psi.jpeg
    Mercury Boat Hydraulic Steering Hose | Thunder Jet 22 FT 3000 PSI
    GLS Stock #: 7300141-5A386
    $59.95 MSRP: $80.93
  6. 7300071_mercury_boat_harness_cable_84_859244a_thunder_jet_9_1_2_foot.jpeg
    Mercury Smartcraft Boat Harness Cable 84-859244A | Thunder Jet 6 Foot
    GLS Stock #: 7300071-5F143
    $59.95 MSRP: $74.18
  7. 7300045_mercury_boat_tilt_limit_module_899625k02_thunder_jet_opti_max.jpeg
    Mercury Boat Tilt Limit Module 899625K02 | Thunder Jet Opti Max
    GLS Stock #: 7300045-BV575
    $54.95 MSRP: $74.18
  8. 7300293_suzuki_boat_ptt_switch_panel_37805_93j00_thunderjet_up_dn_assembly.jpeg
    Suzuki Boat PTT Switch Panel 37805-93J00 | Thunderjet UP/DN ON/OFF/ON
    GLS Stock #: 7300293-BT558
    $51.95 MSRP: $58.85
  9. 7300058_mercury_boat_power_harness_assembly_84_899785k02_thunder_jet.jpeg
    Mercury Boat Power Harness Assembly 84-899785K02 | Thunder Jet
    GLS Stock #: 7300058-5F487
    $40.95 MSRP: $66.83
  10. 7300115_faria_boat_trim_gauge_gp4506c_thunder_jet_2_inch_evinrude_johnson.jpeg
    Faria Boat Trim Gauge GP4506C | Thunder Jet 2 Inch Evinrude Johnson
    GLS Stock #: 7300115-AE436
    $39.95 MSRP: $53.93
  11. 7300012_accon_marine_boat_bimini_top_hinge_402_thunderjet_boats_1_1_8_dia.jpeg
    Accon Marine Boat Bimini Top Hinge 402 | Thunder Jet 1 1/8 Inch
    GLS Stock #: 7300012-5N485
    $39.95 MSRP: $48.91
  12. 7300061_honda_boat_wire_harness_08m66_zw7_230ah_thunder_jet_7_foot_17_wire.jpeg
    Honda Boat Wire Harness 08M66-ZW7-230AH | Thunder Jet 7 Foot 17 Wire
    GLS Stock #: 7300061-GE522
    $39.95 MSRP: $53.93