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Boost your signal with marine boat antennas and accessories from Great Lakes Skipper. Whether you're looking for a boat GPS antenna or a basic marine VHF antenna, we have what you need. Our huge inventory of thousands of new and replacement boat parts includes open array boat antennas, boat antenna cable kits, marine antenna mounts, and more boat antennas, antenna kits, and antenna components from Shakespeare Electric, Garmin, Lowrance, and other quality manufacturers. Find your place on the map with navigation equipment from Great Lakes Skipper.

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  1. 1044526_sea_ray_mercury_8m8020640_quicksilver_marine_axius_premier_boat_upgrade_kit.jpg
    Sea Ray Mercury 8M8020640 Quicksilver Marine Axius Premier Boat Upgrade Kit
    GLS Stock #: 1044526-XIN2175PE218
    Special Price $1,699.96 MSRP: $2,619.93
  2. 8502690_raymarine_boat_radome_antenna_rd418d_sea_ray_12v_24v_digital.jpeg
    Raymarine Boat Radome Antenna RD418D | Sea Ray 12V 24V Digital
    GLS Stock #: 8502690-5C134
    Special Price $1,189.15 MSRP: $1,888.65
  3. 1089910_volvo_penta_boat_antenna_control_3848678_21561103_gps_kit.jpeg
    Volvo Penta Boat Antenna Control 3848678 | 21561103 GPS (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1089910-5K165
    Special Price $679.96 MSRP: $1,080.00
  4. 8701683_airmar_boat_heading_sensor_44_725_1_01_carver_yachts_10_hz_w_cable.png
    Airmar Boat Heading Sensor 44-725-1-01 | Carver Yachts 10 Hz W/ Cable
    GLS Stock #: 8701683-5H854
    Special Price $566.06 MSRP: $805.00
  5. 8701799_airmar_boat_heading_sensor_h2183_carver_yachts_6956029_gray_10_hz.png
    Airmar Boat Heading Sensor H2183 | Carver Yachts 6956029 Gray 10 Hz
    GLS Stock #: 8701799-5M773
    Special Price $424.96 MSRP: $699.00
  6. 1042931_mercury_smartcraft_boat_gps_antenna_8m0024918_gps100_white.png
    Bayliner Trophy Mercury 8M0024918 Quicksilver GPS100 Boat GPS Antenna
    GLS Stock #: 1042931-5F655
    Special Price $424.96 MSRP: $745.06
  7. 8402038_mastercraft_boat_zero_off_antenna_403923_gps_enovation_black.jpeg
    MasterCraft Boat Zero Off Antenna 403923 | GPS Enovation Black
    GLS Stock #: 8402038-5K664
    Special Price $339.96 MSRP: $1,137.02
  8. 1069692_zero_off_boat_gps_antenna_e2209306a_eci_south_bay_single.jpeg
    Zero Off Boat GPS Antenna E2209306A | ECI South Bay (Single)
    GLS Stock #: 1069692-AW634
    Special Price $339.96 MSRP: $523.93
  9. 1084973_sirius_shakespeare_boat_tuner_antenna_satellite_radio_scc1bl_sra_25.png
    Sirius Shakespeare Boat Tuner Antenna Kit SSC1MS25B | Satellite Radio
    GLS Stock #: 1084973-5C053
    Special Price $237.96 MSRP: $379.99
  10. 7700125_si_tex_boat_smart_gps_receiver_gpk_11_10_35vdc_2_meter_accuracy_kit.png
    SI-Tex Boat Smart GPS Receiver GPK-11 | 10-35VDC 2 Meter Accuracy (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 7700125-5C112
    Special Price $158.06 MSRP: $251.03
  11. 1076370_medallion_boat_gps_kit_7050_3001_00_w_harness_and_antenna.jpeg
    Medallion Boat GPS Kit 7050-3001-00 | w/ Harness and Antenna
    GLS Stock #: 1076370-5D143
    Special Price $152.96 MSRP: $235.73
  12. 1066741_si_tex_boat_smart_gps_receiver_gpk_11_2_meter_accuracy_10_35vdc_kit_221544857.jpeg
    Si-Tex Boat Smart GPS Receiver GPK-11 | 2 Meter Accuracy 10-35VDC (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1066741-'5D184
    Special Price $148.71 MSRP: $236.18