Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Boat Cylinders

Hydraulic steering systems are a good choice for high horsepower boats, adding the extra oomph you need to steer at high speeds. For great discount hydraulic steering cylinders, shop Great Lakes Skipper's huge inventory of new and replacement marine boat parts. We have dozens of hydraulic boat steering cylinders from Teleflex, Mercury Marine, and more top manufacturers. You'll love our selection of boat steering cylinders, and our discount prices will amaze you.

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  1. 1044507_sea_ray_mercury_8m8025732_axius_gen_ii_boat_steering_actuator_cylinder_assembly_2.jpg
    Mercury Boat Steering Cylinder 8M8025732 | Axius Gen II
    GLS Stock #: 1044507-5X133
    Special Price $1,796.25 MSRP: $3,233.25
  2. 1024019_teleflex_hc0305_seastar_hydraulic_boat_steering_cylinder_tierod.jpg
    Teleflex HC0305 SeaStar Hydraulic Boat Steering Cylinder / Tierod
    GLS Stock #: 1024019-FD611
    Special Price $749.99 MSRP: $1,349.99
  3. 1024024_teleflex_hc0328_seastar_hydraulic_boat_steering_cylinder_tierod.jpg
    Teleflex HC0328 SeaStar Hydraulic Boat Steering Cylinder / Tierod
    GLS Stock #: 1024024-FF651
    Special Price $749.99 MSRP: $1,349.99
  4. 8800618_seastar_boat_hydraulic_cylinder_hc5375_o_b_front_mount_catamaran.jpeg
    Seastar Boat Hydraulic Cylinder HC5375 | O/B Front Mount Catamaran
    GLS Stock #: 8800618-5M544
    $654.95 MSRP: $884.18
  5. 1072153_seastar_boat_hydraulic_steering_cylinder_ec5315_outboard_kit.jpeg
    Seastar Boat Hydraulic Steering Cylinder EC5315 | Outboard (Kit)
    GLS Stock #: 1072153-XOUT2736
    $619.95 MSRP: $836.93
  6. 1073892_teleflex_boat_outboard_hydraulic_cylinder_ec5315_optimus_partial_kit.jpeg
    Teleflex Boat Outboard Hydraulic Cylinder EC5315 | Optimus Partial Kit
    GLS Stock #: 1073892-5M165
    $589.95 MSRP: $796.43
  7. 1034689_teleflex_hc6358sil_seastar_pro_outboard_hydraulic_boat_steering_cylinder.jpg
    Teleflex Boat Steering Cylinder HC6358SIL | SeaStar Hydraulic
    GLS Stock #: 1034689-5F336
    Special Price $562.46 MSRP: $1,012.43
  8. 1065969_sea_star_solutions_hc6358red_marine_boat_stainless_steel_outboard_fm_piv_pro_hydraulic_steer.jpeg
    Seastar Boat Steering Cylinder HC6358RED | Yamaha 1500PSI Red
    GLS Stock #: 1065969-5M082
    Special Price $524.96 MSRP: $944.93
  9. 1075141_ultraflex_boat_hydraulic_cylinder_39966r_front_mount_outboard.jpeg
    Ultraflex Boat Hydraulic Cylinder 39966R | Front Mount Outboard
    GLS Stock #: 1075141-5N585
    $499.95 MSRP: $674.93
  10. 1064568_seastar_boat_hydraulic_steering_cylinder_hc5347_3_honda_o_b.jpeg
    SeaStar Boat Hydraulic Steering Cylinder HC5347-3 | Honda O/B
    GLS Stock #: 1064568-FD513
    $499.95 MSRP: $674.93
  11. 1089022_uflex_boat_steering_cylinder_kit_uc168_i_w_ball_joint_inboard.jpeg
    Uflex Boat Steering Cylinder Kit UC168-I | w/ Ball Joint Inboard
    GLS Stock #: 1089022-5M544
    $489.95 MSRP: $641.99
  12. 1065955_sea_star_solutions_hc6755_marine_boat_stainless_steel_outboard_cylr_tourament_c_yamaha_hyd.jpeg
    SeaStar Boat Hydraulic Steering Cylinder HC6755 | Outboard
    GLS Stock #: 1065955-5J162
    Special Price $472.46 MSRP: $851.78