Faria Boat Depth Sounder Gauge DS0040A | 2 Inch Flush Mount

Boat part number 1080083 is a new digital depth sounder / finder gauge from Faria, part number DS0040A .
made for Cobalt Boats
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Boat part number 1080083 is a new digital depth sounder / finder gauge from Faria, part number DS0040A . Commonly used on Cobalt Boats, but may be used on other boats.

This flush mount depth sounder gauge measures approximately 3 3/8" diagonally across the face (including mounting holes) x 2 1/8" D overall. Requires an approximate 2" Dia. cutout. Has (1) 2-pin Metri Pack connection, and (5) raw wire leads. Mounts with (4) 1/4" Dia. mounting holes. Mounting bracket and bezel NOT included. Transducer NOT included.

  • Boat Manufacturer: Cobalt
  • Part Number: Unavailable
  • Part Manufacturer: Faria
  • Part Number: DS0040A
  • Overall Dimensions: 3 3/8" diagonally across the face x 2 1/8" D
  • Cutout: 2" Dia.
  • Mounts: (4) 1/4" Dia. mounting holes
  • Connection: (1) 2-pin Metri Pack connection, (5) raw wire leads

Sold as seen in pictures. Customers please note every computer shows colors differently. All measurements are approximate.

Instruction / installation manual not included.

Hardware not included.

Product Questions

Could this be a direct replacement for a Standard D40BD? The only difference I see is that the cable on the back of mine resembles more of a stereo cable rather than a metri pack cable. Can I adapt this?
Question by: Bob on Jul 2, 2021, 8:26 AM
Hi Bob,

Honestly not sure. We aren't Faria dealers, and don't really have a way of cross referencing them. We would highly recommend contacting them directly on something like that. Here is a link to their contact page:

Link: https://fariabeede.com/forms/?form=contact

Sorry we could not help more.

Answer by: Gene Warmuth on Jul 2, 2021, 9:20 AM
if i need the transducer for this gage what would I use?
Question by: Robert Chase on Apr 21, 2021, 2:11 PM
Hello Robert,
We would recommend contacting Faria directly as they will be able to confirm which part number transducer is needed. If you have any questioins please let me know! Thank you and have a great day.

Answer by: Ethan Doro on Apr 21, 2021, 2:15 PM