Mercury Boat SmartCraft Analog Gauge Converter | Inboard (Kit)

Boat part number 7102951 is a new SmartCraft gauge converter kit from Mercury Marine, kit number unavailable.
made for Ranger Boats
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Boat part number 7102951 is a new SmartCraft gauge converter kit from Mercury Marine, kit number unavailable. Commonly used on Ranger boats, part number 234671 . May be used on other boats.

This analog gauge converter kit includes the following:
  • (1) SmartCraft Gauge Interface: 8M0099687
  • (1) Interface Harness: 84-892820A01
  • (1) 3 Position Ignition Switch
Interface w/ Harness:
This interface is used to convert a digital sensor signal into an analog signal for the following gauges: Tachometer, Fuel, Trim position, Block Temperature, Oil Pressure / Level. The connected harness features (1) 10-pin Metri, (3) 1/8" terminals, and (2) wire lead connections.

Ignition Switch:
This ignition switch features 3 positions and is designed for inboard engines only. Includes (2) keys and hosts (1) 6-pin male connection. Requires a cutout of approximately 3/4" Diameter.

  • Boat Manufacturer: Ranger Boats
  • Model/Year: Unavailable
  • Part Number: 234671
  • Part Manufacturer: Mercury Marine
  • Kit Number: Unavailable
  • Color: Black

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Instruction / installation manual not included.

Hardware not included.

Product Questions

Ignition switch: It says for inboard engines only? If this is made for Ranger boats I am correct that "Ranger" is the builder of mostly small Bass style fishing boats or do they refer to RANGER TUGS? Seems contradictory to build for mostly outboard Bass boats then say for inboard only? I need this kit for a center console with SmartCraft technology on the engine. Can I use this new ignition that comes with it? 225hp mercury outboard engine.
Question by: William Weaver on Jun 29, 2022, 9:00 AM
Hello William,

Us mentioning Ranger in the ad basically means, that's who we got them from as overstocks - Ranger boats. They did actually make at least one inboard that I'm aware of - the 375-V, and I think there may have been more. As far as what else it works with, I'm afraid you'd need to check with a Mercury dealer.

Answer by: Admin on Jun 29, 2022, 12:54 PM